Top 50 videogame series of all time

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Guinness World Records

Today Guinness World Records released a list of the top 50 videogame series of all time. This list was comprised of over 13,000 votes by Guinness readers. Critics and developers were not asked to participate in the creation with this list. Needless to say there are some elements of this list that are sure to displease some gamers. I’ll let you comb through the list yourselves but I will give you a little preview. According to 13,000 votes LEGO Batman is more memorable than Mario Kart. Let’s wait for that information to sink in before checking out the full list. You’ll never guess what series took the #1 spot.

  1. Halo
  2. Call of Duty
  3. The Legend of Zelda
  4. Guitar Hero
  5. Metal Gear
  6. Super Mario Brothers
  7. World of Warcraft
  8. Gears of War
  9. Super Smash Brothers
  10. Grand Theft Auto
  11. Pokemon
  12. Resident Evil
  13. Fallout
  14. Half-Life
  15. Sonic the Hedgehog
  16. Counter-Strike
  17. Runescape
  18. FIFA
  19. Kingdom Hearts
  20. Final Fantasy
  21. Pacman
  22. Madden NFL
  23. The Sims
  24. Tomb Raider
  25. WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw
  26. Rock Band
  27. LittleBigPlanet
  28. Saint’s Row
  29. The Elder Scrolls
  30. God of War
  31. Golden Eye 007
  32. BioShock
  33. Killzone
  34. Skate
  35. Left 4 Dead
  36. Need for Speed
  37. Chrono Trigger
  38. Gran Turismo
  39. StarCraft
  40. Ratchet and Clank
  41. Pong
  42. Tom Clancy’s
  43. Star Wars: Battlefront
  44. Battlefield
  45. Diablo
  46. Lego Batman
  47. Mario Kart
  48. Burnout
  49. Crash Bandicoot
  50. Pro Evolution Soccer

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