PS Home Update: Mod Nation Opens Space and New Game themed Real Estate Available

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ModNation Space is huge

New Real Estates, New Spaces and Space Updates

New Real Estate

  • Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter’s Apartment
    From the war-torn streets of Nepal, with the resistance fighters are battling Lazarevic’s soldiers in the streets just outside of the apartment, this space is a definite collector’s item for fans of the Uncharted series for $4.99. This tattered space over looks the action in the streets below. This space offers only two spaces for personal framed photos but no exit to central plaza that I can find but spacious enough for all your treasures. Check out the Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter’s Apartment:
  • Assassin’s Creed II Personal Space
    This 15th Century Apartment is set in Venice complete with dark shadowy spaces for an assassin to hide in, a gondola docked below ready to take you back to Abstergo Labs below and a spacious room above overlooking the watery streets of Venice below. Look up at the ceiling and you can find masterpieces from that century’s artists spanning from wall to wall with a gorgeous chandelier. Check out the Assassin’s Creed II Personal Space by YourPlayStationHome:

New Space

  • ModNation Racers Space
    In this new space walk down the race track and take the ModRacer challenge for a chance to win an exclusive PlayStation Home Mod of your own. You only have 5 minutes to locate all the Mods the game asked for based on memory. Once the first picture is received you have to quickly run down the race track to find the Mod, remember the number underneath it and race back to the start line to type the number in. You have to find five mods as fast as you can. If you make one mistake in typing the number you have to start over again from the top. (Hint: Walk down the tracks and remember where all the Mods are standing before you take the challenge. Of course you can always press the square button to see the picture again if you must but it subtracts the time wasted looking at it again.) Act quickly because like most event spaces this one may not last much longer, no specific closing date has been given yet but the blogs report soon so get in there and show them you’re MOD enough.

Space Updates

  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Code Hunt

    MGS:PW Code Hunt Poster now found all over Home

    From now until June 2, 2010 Central Plaza, The Mall and The Theater have been updated with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker posters each containing a special code (located at the bottom of the poster) until the game’s release June 8, 2010 for a chance to win a Big Boss PSP Bundle or other prizes. Recruit up to four friends to help you collect and find the codes throughout Home, Konami Online and their online and offline Program Partner locations, and Offline sites and communication channels which can be found on Konami’s “Comm” links. Simply visit Konami’s site after finding the codes on Home and register to submit. Contestants must be aged 18 or older to participate. Prizes include $2,000.00 to each member of the first place team or individual, a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker “Big Boss” PSP Bundle to the second place team or individual, and $500 in gift cards for third place individuals or $100 gift card for each third place team member. For further details visit the contest site listed below.

  • Sodium One Hub
    Sodium One has been updated with newer and cooler prizes, alternative outfits for the bartender and waitress uniforms and new objectives to complete. For those who are tired of remembering how to mix the anti-venom drink, can now purchase them using their Sodium Credits at the new robotic Vending Machine Vendy located in the same area as the scorpion nest. (Note: If you’re trying to save your credits for the new furniture and outfits like I am, leave a comment and I’ll re-post the recipe below.)


*Unless specified in (parenthesis) all clothing items are available for both male and female avatars.

Threads located on the first floor of the Mall

Red Faction: Guerrilla Section

  • Red Faction: Guerrilla Hat in choice of Red Faction: Guerrilla or EDF cost 49 cents each
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla T-Shirt in choice of Logo on White T-shirt, Logo on Black T-shirt or EDF T-shirt cost 79 cents each

Saint’s Row 2 Section

  • Saint’s Row 2 Hat cost 49 cents
  • Saint’s Row 2 T-Shirts in choice of Sons of Samedi, Brotherhood, Saints, Ronin or ULTOR design cost 79 cents each

Bioshock 2 Section

  • BioShock 2 T-Shirts in choice of BioShock 2 Logo, Don’t Wait – Incinerate, Splicer Mask, Cult of Rapture and Incinerate Guy design cost 49 cents each
  • BioShock 2 Prototype Big Daddy T-Shirt cost 49 cents (Male)
  • Rosie Big Daddy Helmet cost $1.99
  • Big Sister Helmet cost $1.99
  • Big Daddy Doll cost $1.99
  • Prototype Big Daddy Helmet cost $1.99
  • Bouncer Big Daddy Helmet cost $1.99
  • Bouncer Big Daddy Costume cost $4.99*
  • Rosie Big Daddy Costume cost $4.99*
  • Big Sister Outfit cost $4.99*
  • *Outfit comes as a complete set, helmets may be purchased separately but the rest are part of the bundle and can not be sold separately.

Final Fantasy XIII Section

  • Final Fantasy XIII Sazh Wig with Chocobo Chick cost 99 cents (Male)
  • Final Fantasy XIII Sazh Costume cost $4.99 (Male)*
  • Final Fantasy XIII Snow Costume cost $4.99 (Male)*
  • Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Costume cost $4.99 (Female)*
  • Final Fantasy XIII Vanille Costume cost $4.99 (Female)*
  • *Final Fantasy XIII Costumes come as a complete set, individual items are not sold separately. Sazh costume set wig does not come with Chocobo Chick, Sazh wig with Chocobo Chick is sold separately.

Sodium One Store located on the first floor of the Mall

Sodium One Section

  • Alternative Scorpio’s Black and Grey Bartender Uniform cost $1.89 (Male)*
  • Alternative Scorpio’s Black and Grey Waitress Uniform cost $1.89 (Female)*
  • *Alternative uniform is sold as a complete bundle, items not sold separately at this time.

IREM’s Confectionery Vendor located in the back of the Bon Festival near Goldfish Vendor

  • Steambot Chronicles Robot Figures in choice of Green Leaf, Yellow Bear or Wild Strawberry are free

ModNation Racers Pit Stop Shop located in new ModNation Space at bottom of tracks to the right near camel seats

  • Animated ModNation Racer Hat cost 99 cents

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