Light your fire with My Fireplace for the Wii

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Korner EntertainmentGet ready for the most boring Wii game ever! The ESRB has let slip information on Korner Entertainment’s latest program for the Wii – My Fireplace. Yes, you read that correctly. My Fireplace could be coming to a Wii near you.

My Fireplace, as the name suggests, turns your TV into a virtual fireplace. You can decorate your fireplace, grab the bellows to build it up and toss more logs in. Very thrilling, if I do say so myself. Hurry! Grab the poker and jab that log! Don’t let the sparks die!

I suppose Korner Entertainment is trying to capitalize on those people who want a virtual fireplace, but don’t own a DVD or VHS player so they can buy one of those videos off of Amazon. To be honest, I was surprised to see so many virtual fireplace DVDs on Amazon. I thought that whole virtual fireplace fad died out in the late ’80s.

Let’s hope My Fireplace is WiiWare download. I don’t think My Fireplace is the kind of game, rather application, that deserves a spot on an store’s shelves. Korner Entertainment hasn’t officially announced it yet, and it doesn’t have a price or release date. It does, however, have an “Everyone” rating!

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