CoroCoro magazine reveals Pokemon Black and White’s three starters

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CoroCoro Magazine Pokemon Black and WhiteGood news for those who have been waiting for some hint at what new pokemon will be making an appearance in Pokemon Black and White, Mijumaru, Pokabu and Tsutaja have joined Zoroa and Zoroark! This announcement does dash the hope of deviation from the standard fire/water/grass starters, as all three newly revealed pokemon are, you guessed it, the starters.

CoroCoro magazine, a Japanese gaming magazine, revealed the three characters in the latest issue. Pokemon Sunday first revealed shadow images of each of the three characters early this week.

Of course, seeing a picture isn’t really all that helpful. ended up getting some information on data revealed in the article, but unfortunately couldn’t confirm some of it – mainly the character names. The new region name has been confirmed though! The newest Pokemon DS takes place in the Isshu Region.

As a longtime Pokemon game, I am greatly saddened by the character designs. All three of them are rather, well, uninspired. I’ve seen fan-created pokemon that look better. I’ll probably end up going with the water one though – simply because it looks vaguely like an otter and otters are adorable.

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  1. I agree…they all look ridiculous. How upsetting…but you know, for however many Pokemon are already in the universe, shouldn't be surprised that the creative juices are getting a little dried up :P Hopefully their evolutions will be more promising?

    Janine Dong
  2. Hopefully. At least the one sort of looks like an otter?

    Zoroa and Zoroark look kind of cool though!

    You should bring your DS and copy of Pokemon to E3! My characters are all at such a low level, but we could trade or something! XD

    Jenni Lada
  3. the fire starter is just adorable i hope they don't make its evolution scarier. imagine mabe it will stay cute,water starter huge disappointment maybe when it evolves it shall look better.grass starter looks cool although apat from chicorita grass starters have always been my least favourite

    pokemon get better and better i hated the johto starters and kanto but hoen and sinnoh and now isshu look amazing

  4. I guess the new starters are alright. We can't say much since we don't know the evos yet. But, sorry to break it to the Pokemon designers, but their starters and never beat Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

  5. Good news for those who have been waiting for some hint at what new pokemon will be making an appearance in Pokemon Black……