How To: Unlock Dead to Rights: Retribution’s Xbox 360 avatar gear

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Dead to Rights Retribution logo

Xbox Avatars are Microsoft’s successful attempt to out-Nintendo the Mii avatars. You can even deck them out in avatar clothing inspired by games ranging from Final Fantasy XIII to Madden NFL 10. There’s a charge for many of these collections. If you’re like me, you have made a solemn vow to never pay for virtual clothing. Leave those sorts of microtransactions to World of Warcraft.

Lucky for us there are still several folks giving out avatar clothing for completing a few in-game tasks. Namco’s Dead to Rights:Retribution has outfits ranging from simple T-shirts to the more outlandish Grant City Anti-Crime Unit armor. Unlike Star Wars Stormtrooper armor, there will not be a billion people on Xbox Live rocking the GAC armor.

  1. Complete the game on Officer difficulty or greater to unlock GAC Armor: Officer is the game’s default difficulty setting and you can do this in 7-10 hours easily. If things get tough, you have arguably the best dog in video game history to help you out. Shadow can take down bad guys and bring you their weapons. Seriously, if you’re having a problem let your dog go play and you’ll earn this armor in no time.
  2. Get 30 headshots in any level, on Officer or greater difficulty to unlock GAC Helmet: There are plenty of opportunities to headshot unsuspecting perps in this game. You also have Focus Mode, this game’s version of “bullet time.” Use it to pop crooks off if you’re having any difficulty here and you’ll have the helmet to match your new armor.
  3. Complete any level except the Prologue without firing a shot to unlock the GCPD Shirt: Jack Slate is great with a gun but also awesome in hand-to-hand combat. He even has a disarm move to level the playing field against guntoting baddies. If you do that, though, remember not to shoot the guy after taking his piece. It sounds easy, but Jack immediately lines up a perfect shot after disarming. Force of habit will make you want to fire. As a bonus, there is no difficulty level attached here. So you can put it on Cadet (Easy) and get your GCPD Shirt no problem.
  4. Get 20 tag team kills in one level on Officer or greater difficulty to unlock the Jack and Shadow Shirt: You’re going to sic Shadow on a lot of your enemies through the course of the game, so you will likely unlock this one without even trying hard.
  5. Save hostages to get a Dead to Rights Retribution Logo Shirt: You can get this in Mission 1 right after the Focus Mode tutorial. You will encounter three sets of hostages and to get your shirt, you have to make sure none of them die. With your Focus Mode engaged, this won’t be that tough. Again, there’s no difficulty tied to this one so you can complete it on Cadet level if need be.

With those five easy steps, you will pick up some cool new avatar duds for the low, low price of free. The game is not bad, either. It is also a relatively easy 1,000 gamerscore if you’re into achievement points.

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