Time for family bonding at a virtual theme park with Hasbro Family Game Night 3

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Hasbro Family Game Night 3
EA wants to help promote more family bonding this fall with Hasbro Family Game Night 3. Yes, there’s going to be a third one. There are lots of Hasbro games and toy characters, you know! This entry is going to be out on the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 before the end of Fall 2010, so any home with children or people who just enjoy seeing classic games and toy characters on their TV will have something to look forward to.

Unlike previous entries in the Hasbro Family Game Night series, Hasbro Family Game Night 3 takes place in a theme park. It also will be the first game to offer online multiplayer. Not for the Wii though – only the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to let people go online. All three systems’ versions will allow local multiplayer for as many as four people.

Don’t feel too bad Wii owners, you’ll get Mii integration. Of course, Xbox 360 owners get Avatar integration too. So people with either of those systems will be able to use their created characters to play the games.

Speaking of the games, there are going to be five in Hasbro Family Game Night 3. There’s Clue, Mouse Trap, The Game of Life, Twister and Yahtzee. Each game will have an original and remixed versions, and Mr. Potato Head will help you along as you get everything set up. Personally, I’m not too sure how Twister is going to work, but I’m sure EA will figure something out.

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