Gamertell Review: Harcos Zombie Blood energy drink

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Harcos Zombie Blood

Product: Harcos’ Zombie Blood
Price: $3.99
Rating: Two thumbs up, 100/100, A+, * * * * * out of 5
Pros: Website is wonderful. Love the energy drink “blood bag” packaging. Would make a great costume prop. Very tasty and mild lime flavor that smells delightful. Delivers around 4 hours of energy.
Cons: Some people “might” be put off by the neon-green color. The package says it contains milk and soy so some people might not be able to drink it due to allergies.
Overall: A great energy drink that tastes like an ordinary, refreshing beverage.

Harcos is an energy drink manufacturer that caters mainly to gamers, teenagers and pop-culture fans with a series of whimsical energy drinks (and powders!) that provide energy in an array of flavors and eye-catching containers. Their latest product is Zombie Blood, a neon-green, lime-flavored, energy potion packaged in a blood bag that’s designed to give drinkers a four hour energy boost.

After getting a chance to test it out, I can easily say Zombie Blood is the tastiest, most refreshing and most novel energy drink available. I can’t believe Harcos didn’t tap zombies for their sweet nectar sooner!

Zombie Blood is worth it just for the packaging.

The second I saw the Zombie Blood bag, I was a fan. I can’t imagine anyone not being charmed by an energy drink that has a biohazard symbol on the front, a Level 5 Delicious Taste and a neon green liquid inside. It’s clever, humorous and yet still manages to be informative – stating that the Zombie Blood has protein, iron, electrolytes and other helpful enzymes. My favorite part is a single line from the Preparation Instructions on the back, which reads:

“3. Taste the sweet nectar of the undead.”

Fortunately, the packaging is surprisingly sturdy. I will admit that I did have a bit of trouble first opening the pouch, as the protective seal is quite tight and I was worried about ripping the bag and having a Nyquil-green spot on my carpet, but after a few moments the tab was removed and fears of spills cast aside. The cap screws securely on and off, ensuring no spills, and if one were careful enough it would be possible to preserve the bag once the drink is gone, to use as a costume prop or some other fun endeavor.

Harcos Zombie Blood

Who knew zombies’ blood tasted like limeade?

After that, it was on to the drink! I had a somewhat mixed opinion of Harcos’ prior energy drinks, having sampled both the Health Energy and Mana Energy Potions. While both delivered the promised energy, both also tasted a bit like medicine and the Mana Energy Potion in particular left me with some less-than-fond memories. Seeing that the Zombie Blood is almost the same shade as Nyquil, I was wondering if I should break out a medicine cup to use as a glass.

One sip dismissed all my fears though! Zombie Blood is absolutely refreshing. I drank my first bag at room temperature, which was quite good. I highly recommend drinking it in a glass with ice, as I did with my second bag. First, the drink’s smell is very light, fresh and faintly smells of fresh limes. When you taste it, the flavor is very mellow with a pleasant lime taste. There’s no overbearing sweetness, and no medicinal flavor either. Most importantly, there is absolutely no aftertaste! It was just a delightful and refreshing drink that tasted like limeade. I’m considering picking up a third bag to see if it would taste good mixed with other drinks.

Great drink, great package and great product.

As someone who’s relied on Red Bull and Rockstar throughout her college years, I’ve come to associate energy drinks with unpleasant tasting, often pungent drinks that always come with some kind of after-taste. Zombie Blood is nothing like that. If someone gave it to me in a plain glass with some ice in it, I’d think I was just drinking some kind of ordinary juice or limeade. Not only that, but it comes in what could be the best energy potion container ever – a fake blood bag!

Even more important, Harcos’ Zombie Blood does what it claims to do. It energizes you. I woke up at 6:30am on the morning I drank the bag of Zombie Blood, after getting to sleep the night before at around 1am. I was tired, almost to the point of exhaustion, before drinking it. Then, about fifteen minutes after drinking it, I’d say I felt more alert and awake. I continued to feel that way until around noon – almost six hours later. Of course, results undoubtedly vary and other Zombie Blood drinkers may not get six hours of energy, but I definitely did.

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