Are you experiencing Red Dead Redemption multiplayer problems?

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Red Dead multiplayer

We hope you are enjoying roaming the countryside in Red Dead Redemption. I’ve been playing the game for a few hours and I am enjoying it immensely. I decided to take a break from the campaign and jump into multiplayer with a couple friends. Our plan was to start a posse, jump on our donkeys and do whatever we liked. It’s too bad we could not thoroughly enjoy ourselves because we were plagued with bugs and other issues.

We all purchased Red Dead on Xbox 360. The problem with multiplayer is that there are far too many glitches. There are some minor issues such as weapons and hats disappearing, but we’ve also experienced lost connections at an alarming rate. After visiting a few message boards around the web, I learned these issues are not isolated. There are numerous accounts of network errors and players suddenly becoming invisible. There have also been an instance where I was sent back to the Xbox 360 dashboard without warning.

We understand Rockstar’s servers are probably being overloaded right now due to the high volume of players trying to connect at the same time. We just wanted to let you all to know that your problems are not due to your internet connections. We’ll contact Rockstar Games and try to see if a fix is in the works and when it will become available.

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  1. my friends and i have all experienced the sudden disconnection and my character and other characters (enemies) have become invisible.

    Archer Fordham
  2. Good to hear that you guys are on top of it and that you are contacting Rockstar. The glitches are overwhelming. Often my horse and I disappear. There are invisible enemies, lots of funky stuff going on. we also can't seem to find any group huntings things. The free roam feels barren as it is devoid of almost any NPC's that aren't aggresive. I have no idea what money does or why I would need it. The only reason to work together with friends is to do a gang hideout and play together in the game mode matches.

    Samir Hazboun
  3. My friends and I are experiencing the same problems on the PS3 version. Singleplayer is fine, no visible bus so far, but the multiplayer is unplayable. Invisible enemies(sometimes myself), constant connection issues. I'm giving up until it's patched. Thankfully the singleplayer will last me awhile.

  4. This is IRRITATING AS HELL! You pay 60 Bucks for a game, clear time from work to play online with friends, and you CANT DO IT BECAUSE THEIR STUPID CRAPPY SERVERS KEEPS KICKING YOU OFF! WHAT A WAST OF MONEY!! I AM SOOOOOO PISSED OFF!

    Jeremiah Plaskett
  5. I had similar issues. I was able to stay on long enough to get my "Red Dead Rockstar" achievement so I'm happy 'bout that.

    Brian Allen
  6. I was playing yesterday with all my buddies, together we had 6 people. We ran into a lot of problems from people disconnecting to systems shutting down for no reason. The game is awesome but they gotta fix this ASAP!

  7. The multiplayer online glitches are so bad I cant even play it anymore….Rockstar needs to do alot of work on this..All new games have small problems but this game is a mess…My friend was running in circles on my screen and hes telling me in my ear peice that he is standing next to me …I hope they fix it soon because when it is working it seems like a real good game..good to hear xbox is having problems to…I got a ps3 and thought it was only a ps3 problem..

  8. Yeah, this has been making playing free roam on multiplayer a absolute nightmare. Especially when I first started it, I was confused and already overwhelmed at the random killings all around me, and then once I found a guy generous enough to get me into a posse, I disconnect. This happened on so many different accounts, It's getting flat out ridiculous. People can't organize big posses until this is fixed, because from what I experience we always have to wait for people to restart and reconnect constantly. Also, I can't access multiplayer from single player, due to "connection problems", however I can only access it from the very first start-up menu. Also, as mentioned, invisible horses/players is a complete hassle. I'm sure this will be tweaked and fixed because its a universal problem.

  9. I'm getting pissed because i preordered it and its not even the 4th day and its screwing up i mean whats the point of hiring testers if they never find anything. Guns all almost always invisible, and i can't always throw my dynomite, and once i left the game without notice back to the ps3 menu.! I'm PISSED!!

  10. Don't put the blame on testers. I'm working in LQA, and i can tell you that testers are always doing their best. But in those days it's quiet common for developers to waive bugs that are no show stoppers to post production state with comments like: Will be dealt with after release. Plus in this case the issue is obviously on the server side. And this also involves company which provides those servers.

    So chill, don't blame testers cause you don't know anything about testing procedures and enjoy the single player like i do. :)

    Damn those wild cougars and bears ;)

  11. This game is epic but the problems with the game are also epic. Rockstar needs to find a patch quickly becuase this is making the game unplayable for almost everyone.

  12. I put the blame on Rockstar Games, and frankly I don't care if they tried their best of not, they FAILED. It is ridiculous that a company that has made as much money as these clowns do, that they cannot get their servers ready, or the game ready, or whatever is causing all of these issues resolved prior to launch. If the crap is not working, then they should push back the release date. It absolutely sucks to pay this much for a video game, expect to be able to play it online, and not be able to. I don't care how awesome single player is, and admittedly it is good, there is no excuse for this crap! I can understand and forgive some issues, but the multi player issues with this game are CONSTANT, and NON-STOP! You should not advertise and sell a game as multi-player, and it not have the capability to do multplayer games. On day one, and now going into day 4, the multi player functionality of this game is USELESS. These guys need to talk to the guys at Treyarch, who have dedicated servers and obviously know what they are doing, with awesome Call Of Duty Multiplayer capabilities. Did they have a few issues? Yes. Do they occasionally have issues, sure. Being in IT, I understand occasional issues, and I understand that especially, the first day you may have some issues….But day 4??!! COD fixes their issues almost IMMEDIATELY and when there are issues they are intermittent and short-lived…Rockstar SUCKS at ONLINE GAMING and they need to use some of that money they are raking in and FIX IT! I read an article once that showed Treyarch's server environment which consisted of a Datacenter full of ESX (VmWare) hosts packed with 32 Gig of RAM and quad core processors, all dedicated to COD, and this was just one of their DCs and that was a couple of years ago! Who knows what kind of awesome hardware they are throwing at it now. Point is, some companies know how to do it and others suck, and I am sorry but Rockstar Games sucks for this! Whether they are using a third-party hosting or not, ultimately they are responsible for releasing a game that is not ready and does not do what it clearly states on the label that it should do. A sold product should have already gone through R&D testing….The public market should not be their R&D test ground. This SUCKS BIG TIME!

  13. Jeremiah
    1. I would like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, paragraph.
    2. Chill mate, i payed 60 euro for this game which is a bit more then 60 dollars.
    3. It's not call of duty. Size of this game is bigger then multiple call of duty's put together. Not to mention that latest call of duty lacks dedicated servers at all, even on pc.
    4. Issues will be solved shortly, i'm sure of that.

    • Your wrong. 2014 still massive issues!

  14. Jev,

    1. It's a blog braniac so paragraphs are not necessary.
    2. I don't care about the exchange rate and that the Euro is worth more than the dollar, probably won't be for long based on Europe's economic woes anyways. Regardless, it's a lot of beans for a Video game, hard-earned ones at that.
    3. Like you even know whether or not Treyarch has dedicated servers for COD? You have a real high opinion of yourself obviously. There's a term for this, I call it "D-Bag". Regardless of "size" of game, there is no excuse for the issues that they are having. You have no argument against the fact that post-release is not the time to "dry-run" multi-player capabilities. No excuse. Nada.
    4. Issues should never be this bad, how come you are the only one that can't seem to get this concept? If you are a "Tester" like you claim, maybe you are just trying to cover your own inabilities? When a game is released, and marketed as a "Multi-Player" game, then that is exactly what it should do, not pretend to be. Plus, there is a big difference between a few issues, and NOT WORKING AT ALL!

    Your arguments against my rationale: FAIL. Everyone on this blog is ticked that we paid good money for a product that is not READY! I think you must be paid by Rockstar to try and put a "Positive Spin" on a PATHETIC situation. Propaganda and BS do not cover up this EPIC failure of launch of a video game.

  15. Jeremiah
    1. Paragraphs make things more pleasant to read.

    2. Euro is worth more now no matter the economy, so my point is correct.

    3. Well, apart from them saying that them selves that they don't have dedicated servers i don't really know. I have no hight opinion of myself, just a normal one. D-Bag menus are useful no doubt, but they aren't the holly grails either. I have no argument against 'You have no argument against the fact that post-release is not the time to “dry-run” multi-player capabilities.'
    But my response was aimed at people who were blaming the testers. And i know that testers are not the ones to blame.

    4. Oh i can get this concept lol. I had a "Pleasure" of testing game which were broken beyond belief. But i can't see a point of your bad taste comment about me "Claiming to be" and inabilities. A sign of bad taste and especially so considering that i haven't done the same to you.
    I'm just not frustrated about those things. Sure we all paid, and so did i. And again you fail to see my argument in general. Which was: Testers are not to be blamed for connection issues.

    Me paid by Rockstar? I wish lol… Would go on whole day and whole night about aliens screwing up the connection and such lol.

    It's not good to release a broken product. But some times, even the most brilliant programmers and tester can't make sure that everything will be 100% perfect.

    Just enjoy the single player. Multiplayer will be fixed shortly, i'm sure that they are working on that with huge overtimes.

  16. Jev,

    More pleasing to read? I'm not blogging for your pleasure! This conversation is pointless and going in circles. I never blamed the testers, I blame Rockstar and they are in charge of everything, including the testers. Ultimately the buck stops with them, and they are responsible for releasing a game that clearly is NOT READY. And, I am assuming since you are using Euros, you come from England or somewhere in the UK, so I gotta wonder, how come someone from the birthplace of English, can't use it? You are busting my balls for lack of paragraph format, and you can't even use proper English and grammar in your ridiculous retorts? Regardless of the Euro's value, it is still a lot of money for a video game, and I am sure your Euros are subsidized by some Socialist bucket to provide non working losers free video games, so really what do you care? You felt the need to insert yourself into this conversation, provide ridiculous defenses for "testers" and then throw around insulting verbiage to me, and then you come back with a response that is borderline illegible, but basically tells me to take another toke on my pipe or sip of my draft and enjoy the single player till they get it fixed. Well, I will enjoy the single player, but you sir, are still a douchebag.

  17. I'm not talking about my pleasure, i'm talking about things that were invented for obvious reason.
    Like wheel for example.
    Well just few posts ago you called me a bad tester out of blue.

    And again, as i sad before, my comment was addressed to the person who did blamed the testers and not to you. I pointed that out few times now. But you took it to me, so who insulting here?
    I would actually assume that you would know that England's currency called pounds sterling and not euro.
    But that summons allot in this case. Speaking about blaming me for the lack of knowledge…

    And no you're assuming wrong again, i'm not coming from England and English is not my main language.
    So again you're talking about things of which you have no clue at all.
    And yes, 60 dollars is allot to pay for a game which isn't working the way it should. But then again neither does windows or many other things. They will fix very soon, i'm sure of it.

    And no, my socialist government isn't giving me near enough money to buy video games, so i'm working and enjoying my work as well.
    I'm not providing defenses for “testers”, i'm just explaining how it works to people who don't know anything about it.

    Even Zdman proved my point that testers are not the ones to blame:
    "I have also tested games pre-release and I can promise you Rockstar knew about these issues before hand and failed to do anything about them, exactly like GTA4"

    Hmmmm, isn't it exactly what i sad?…. And Rockstar? Show me the post were i was defending them please. None of course.

    It comes down to me giving you hard facts and you giving me a mixture of frustration, lack of patience, knowledge and empty talks with insults.

  18. thats a good point gears7230. who the hell tested this game? i would like to dead eye them right in the face. but besides that im at least glad the single player is great! so i dont feel completely ripped off. but if this continues, and a week later when i try play multi and get booted.. then its time to light the fires and grab the pitch forks! hopefully they'll fix it. the testers prob played the game on local servers so of course it ran smooth. the concept is amazing and as i said before, WHEN (im being optimistic) they fix all these problems it will be fun.. by the way, as far as random killings in free roam. if you see me (ROB858) and you dont try to kill me first id be happy to start something.

  19. Jev,

    Your illegible ramblings are not even worth responding to anymore, as you make absolutely no sense. Just remember, you addressed me first and responded to a post I left, which was simply me stating that I blame Rockstar. Then you felt the need to act like the King of the English language and make insults about me using "paragraphs" and telling me to chill. This is what I took offense to, and started this ridiculous back and forth, which has now officially gone into the ethereal and lost all point and reason for existence. So with that, Screw off mate and go blog with yourself, and play your merry single player.

  20. look all of you shut the hell up….the multiplayer sucks nuts…everyone is getting booted and turning invisible
    rockstar fucking blows nuts they just need to stick to single player games…there servers are shit and there not ment to handle mmo's…but i bet if you played it on the pc you wouldnt have any problem…all you guys are fuckin stupid and ignorant…

  21. Hey Rob858, I don't know who lied and told you the multiplayer was fixed, because it's NOT. This blows so much; I haven't been able to even CONNECT to Free Roam, much less play it. So yeah, it still sucks. I'm pissed- DO SOMETHING YOU FOOLS!!!!!!

    Oh, and Jev, quit blowing Rockstar and just admit that these issues are beyond terrible and it shouldn't be like this; I've never experienced any multiplayer problems as bad as this before. This is not normal.

    That's all- I don't wanna argue with you guys but good God, can't we all just agree that they should have done a better job working out the COLLOSALLY GIGANTIC problems in multiplayer before releasing this?

  22. haha wow gents. talking about economies and socialism? well being that this is a game forum, you will be happy to know that the multiplayer has been fixed.. and is still in the process fine tuning. so i retract my previous statement. by the way. what is the money for? can any one answer that for me? ohhh and can we buy weapons??? thanks!

  23. From what i can se, most of you guys are in the good ol US of A, but im here in London, UK and we are having the same problems online. I cant get into the Free Roam section at all, despite having to download an upgrade at the start of the game. I think ive managed to get online like twice, and neither of those were free roam. The one time i did, it booted me out and said there were connection issues with other users, then it went to load another free roam game but got stuck doing it, resulting in me having to quit the game and go back in.
    Ive rebooted the modem, done all that stuff, but still no luck. Its obviously Rockstars problem and they need to fix it quick. I dont care what pedigree they have, you simply cant promote a game like this for over 6 months, telling the industry its 'multip;ayer' then release it broken. You wouldnt go into Ford expecting a brand new car not to start the minute you tookit out the showroom.

    If Rockstar arent careful this is going to damage them worldwide and any future release promises are going to be taken with a pinch of salt. If games like Bad Company2, which lets face, are much more complex given whats going on in the screen at any one time, can get it right from day one then why cant Red Dead get it right.

    in times of recession with people having to watch what they spend, £40 isnt something to be sniffed at and im really pissed off about this. a whole bunch of us have bought this game hoping to have some online posse fun, but we havent had one single game yet.

    This might be heading for the trading bin quicker than i thought. Rockstar, in this day and age with the internet and information spreading like wildfire, you need to spend a $1m sorting this out before your reputation goes the way of the wild west….history.

  24. We are all having this problem, but one thing I can tell you is private matches work perfectly. Me and 4 other friends played private free roam and games like shootout and grab the bag for like 4 hours last night and it was a blast. Plus you still get normal experience so it is a very good alternative to public matches. Lol don't get me wrong I'm still utterly pissed off public doesn't work

  25. Guys i'm from spain and i have the same issue, from not connecting at first time and a lot of disconects while doing serious shit that has to be done in same session to make achievements, it sucks.

  26. Actually, yesterday after many disconnects I finally got into a consistent lobby late at night. It was very nice and I was able to get the 4 win streak free for all achievement. Maybe the best bet is to be on late at night? When not as many people are on?

  27. Well, I dunno about the rest of you, but for me and what seems like dozens and dozens of players I was with, multiplayer is up and running beautifully.

    No invisibility issues, no connect issues. I played in the same free roam group for 2 hours. It seems like some people have had it for a while because there are some people rank 35 already running around and just shooting anyone who is trying to do anything…

    Greg Billetdeaux
  28. so heres my opinion.
    1.We all wait for something to be done bitching wont help
    2.NEVER bring COD into a room like this…
    3. Its not even been out a week try the single player???
    4. Why rush right to the multiplyer just so you can get the highest rank and feel a bit better about yourselfs?
    5.And lastly its a video games… tell me how rockstar would find hundreds of thousands of people to test this at once…
    That's all I'm saying feel free to rip me up if it makes you feel better.

  29. I bought this game in the release day very early in the morning, queuing with plenty of people in front of the GAME shop until it was opened.
    In the morning the multiplayer Free Roam was working pretty well, connecting at the first time, playing with my friends online, I was very happy.
    In the afternoon I started to get connection issues and in the evening it was almost impossible to connect to an online free roam.
    I’ve been so pissed the last weekend not being able to play with my friends in Spain. I am a Spanish person living in England and I can’t enjoy a multiplayer free roam session anymore. I’m so envious seeing how my friends in Spain are leveling up getting stronger with a lot of experience points riding very fast strong horses and shooting powerful weapons and me getting so behind because I can’t play online.
    I spoke with people from Spain and some of them are experimenting connection issues but most of them are playing with posses of 8 people at least in sessions full of players riding the best horses and shooting the best weapon after leveling up their ranks with a lot of experience points. They keep inviting me to a multiplayer game but I wasn’t able to connect more than a couple of times in the last weekend after too many attempts.
    I thought the connections in UK were better than in Spain but now I wish I would be in my country.
    By the day that Rockstar fix this problems my friends will have the maximum rank and experience points and I will not be match for them with weak weapons and a slow horse getting tired so easily when I force it to run.
    The problem is due to an overloaded server full of people trying to connect at the same time. At the moment is the last important game released with multiplayer online.
    When new games come out and this game get a bit old without too many people trying to connect at the same time being tired of playing this game and trying something new (like Call of Duty black ops)I guess the free roam will work fine again connecting easily just like the day it was released early in the morning before the rest of the world purchased the game few hour later overloading the server.

  30. Hey guys Im having problems even seeing any players online I join the free roam but I never get to play in any of the multiplayer challenges. Everytime i join a session I,m by myself… the only time i cud play with other users is when i get invites from friends otherwise I have to play offline mode or free roam by myself.Can anybody help? Maybe its a connection problem or game error ?

  31. @Paul from London, well im from Denmark and having the same problem and when im finally getting into a free roam i get kicked after 2 mins.

  32. I can't even access the multi-player at all! Either from the main menu or the in game menu – From either staring point it states the game is loading into 'free roam mode' then errors telling me it didn't work due to 'connection problems' and say's re-directing me back to free roam mode!? (Which makes no sense in itself!) I'm then left with a loading screen that doesn't load… ever! All I can do is return to dashboard and try again – anyone else have this kinda problem?

  33. Rasmus, well its three days since i bought the game now and i still haven't got online to the free roam section. I have had 1 game of Private Free Roam with some friends, but the minute they decide to go online to open free roam it disconnects me, then freezes while trying to load etc etc.
    To be honest i agree with the Endimion (above comment), by the time they manage to get it working it will either be too late or everyone else would have moved onto another online game. Whats the point of playing with friends if some of them have got on and have levelled up and im still at the most basic level.

    Its simply not good enough and i cant tell you how pissed off i am about it because i simply want to have a laugh with some mates, i dont care much about 'being the best' online gamer, i play for fun, but when you spend half the precious night trying to simply get online, wheres the fun in that?

    For me, its too long already, this should have been working when it was released, could you imagine the outcry there would have been had Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer not have worked like this? seriously? it would ruin the reputation for future sales and i think this has happened to Rockstar already, but they simply dont realise it yet, but they will when they try and release something else.

    Also, to the idiots that say "mines working perfectly, whats the fuss all about" why are you even on here commenting? if yours is working perfectly, then f*ck off and enjoy it and let the rest of us work out why ours isnt. Its obviously you are in the minority because for most people they simply cant connect, so stop being ignorant and listen to what people are writing.

    For me, Rockstar have 2 weeks max, after that im trading it in, i dont care how good the single player is, for me its a halfed-arsed effort and once i lose enthusiasm for this game it will go and i wont think twice about cashing in and buying something that does work online.

  34. i tried to recover my gamer tag on my xbox after using my friends xbox with my gamer tag and i had leveled up to lvl 12 and when i had recovered it on MY xbox it said there is no history etc and i was at level one all over again id figure it would carry over like every other game but it didn't so any advice or answers?

  35. I am glad that I am not the only one having problems with RDR multiplayer.
    -my internet is fine
    -none of my friends have the same problem
    -I get removed from sessions due to connection problems with other players.
    -I never had any connection problems on other online multiplayer games such as: BC2, MW2 etc

    It sucks that my friends are of in free room blasting brains of other players… I hope the problem will be soon fixed

    Poul Morgan Arntzen
  36. It has been advertised as the next evolution in online gaming, well I hope unplayable multiplayer isn't what games are evolving into! Really getting sick of these connection issues now – 4 days after release and only a small sign of improvement…. And when I say improvement I mean I've managed to play a few games online now…which in gameplay minutes adds up to about 10! I keep getting kicked out, then the game freezes – I do love the single player, but surely the fact that the biggest part of the game is downright broken violates trading standards, and as such I strongly believe we should all be compensated in some way. I'm not going to trade it in, because I am sure they will eventually find a solution – but I will feel very aggrieved if they don't offer some kind of gratuity, free downloadable content for instance, otherwise they are going to lose a lot of respect.

  37. i thought about writing to Rockstar, but what would that help there probably getting so many emails about problems so they don't got time to read my email.

    Well i guess we just have to wait and hope they find a quick and good solution for the problem.

  38. My fail rate has gone down from 90% to about 40%! yay!

  39. jonjon,
    i was told..(online) oddly enough, that Rockstar has been creating sequel servers per region, since,as we all know the original architecture was flawed. im on the west coast, so perhaps they havent set up a server for your area yet? come on fellas, be optimistic! i played the multiplayer for the first time yesterday without any problems and its really fun. as for the argument between the European guys.. really? who speaks properly and the euro is blah blah blah. if your country sucks then move somewhere else! and considering you have a gamings system and are able to buy games… your not that bad off man. google Africa or Iraq or some shitty country and youll make yourself feel better! im off to play red dead! as i said before. be patient! its unfair i know as the consumer of a "finished product" we should not have to "be patient" but..its worth it i think.


  41. well i have a xbox360 and i have it and it works perfectly fine and its great too no problems so i dont know why your compaining?

  42. Seems like everyone with a 360 is having problems. Here's a solution: Trash that POS and get a PS3. PROBLEM SOLVED

  43. I love how whenever there's bugs in a game, people blame the QA testers.
    Obviously, those bashing the testers on this game have never been QA testers, or don't know anything at all about game development.

    The majority of the time, bugs make it into a game not because they weren't found, but because the higher-ups in development chose not to fix most of those bugs in order to get the game out as fast as possible.

    This happens in every video game made – bugs are knowingly let in the game to save on time and money.

  44. This is total crap… I bought RDR the day it was released and I can barely connect to online for more then 2 mins without being kicked due to mother flippin connection issues. Seriously rockstar, it's enough, fix it already!! I saw a news ad that said they were sending out patches to fix these isssues but it's still not working! I tried looking for an RDR support number or website and they don't even have one.. This is bull!!!

    This is Mason from Canada saying: "Our online isn't working either!!"

  45. jqef GTFO this is not going to turn into a fanboy flame war and both parties are having the problem

  46. rockstar has let me down, i wont be buying anymore games off them.

  47. Well

    So far it has taken me about 5 minutes to sieve through the bent comments about socialism, literacy, economics and if I'm correct, languages??? But so far rob858 was the only the only person who's comment interested me. I was wondering if you are from Ireland and what connection you use, if it's similar to mine, because you and I seem to have the exact same problem. When I go online it loads, and loads, and loads, and loads…. Sometimes I get onto free roaming for about a minute and then I'm kicked off. when I go back, it then just loads indefinitely!!! I understand that there are things that need to be fixed by whoever is in charge of fixing them, but so far your the only person who has had the exact same problem as myself. Can anyone here tell me if there is something I can do, or is it just up to the game guys??



  48. hey Jev we are American bitch we own this world be glad we dont just nuke ur faggot asses you stupid fucking pencil pushing prick european. its called respect no wunder we dont fucking respect u u show no sign of respecting us maybe we shud just go to war with yall kick ur asses take ur land and give a big FUCK YOU to europe and burn the mother fucker down

  49. richardramalot is right so you should all shut up and #### Rockstar and there BS mp games.

  50. I can't even get into multiplayer. It worked for the first few days and now it just says you cannot coonect to other players. Its not an xbox live problem though.

  51. I want rockstar to fix this! As simple as it sounds!

    I first thought it was my connection which was impossible because I have open Nat and good signal!

    Rockstar servers fail.

    Don't hate me for that, it's true!

  52. Come on now people, the games been out for over 2 weeks and I still cant get into any multiplayer game? wth? my connection is fine and everything, and before anyone says it, I've nearly completed single player… I'm tired of single player, and want to play RDR with the rest of my mates. it's pissing me off, pissing all my friends off, just bloody fix it already!

    oh, and Zak… if you're reading this, its people like you that give Americans a bad name around Europeans. And you sure as hell don't own the world.

  53. I'm checking in. ;)

    First on topic.

    The online issues. The day me and the other guys had our little talks i couldn't go online either. Each time i tried i had an error message. The longest i spend in free roam was about 10 sec i think.

    The next day i started playing single player and after an hour or so checked online again. So far i clocked 6 days of play time there ;P. Very good thing. I do experience some minor issues from time to time. But they usually last for about 10-30 minutes at best.

    But it does appears that servers are the main issue. And as some one stated it before, it does seems that they've launched a region specific servers. On my server 60% of the people are Dutch, 30% from Great Britain and the rest from all over the world. Only recently, like 2 days or so did i noticed more players from Spain and France.

    I guess those issues will be solved in a week or so. I know that there is a patch coming by the end of this week. Let's hope it will solve most of the issues so you guys can enjoy multiplayer as much as i do.

    If you want, hit me up for a game. XBOX gamer tag: charodey

    Off topic.


    America is a great country. Like many other great country's in the world. And i'm sure as hell want to visit it some time. But remember that.
    America became great because of great people who were doing great things. By the looks of it, you aren't one of them. So don't take their fruits as your own.

    One dude from Egypt was talking big and such. He told me that the world is ignoring their greatness as a nation and gave me an example of the great pyramids they build.
    I reminded him that the people, who presumably build pyramids, have no routs to people who are populating Egypt right now.

    Take nothing for granted.

    P.S. This is how much money US has in debts. The irony of this is that the whole world owns America right now. (In a manner of speaking)

  54. I have other problem… please do help.

    I cannot find other players in multiplayer lobbies or free roam and other multiplayer game types such as shootout in Red Dead Redemption. What is the cause of this problem? How to fix this problem?

    thanks! :D

  55. I'm not a network specialist. But my best guess is that you have some kind of server issue. Do all your other games work fine online?
    Your nick says Asia, are you from there? I have no knowledge about how RDR multiplayer works there.

    Try to contact Sony/Microsoft and Rockstar.

  56. As soon as i get to multiplayer it boots me and says that i had a connection problem with other players. I have no idea what the fuzzy to do. If anyone has any suggestions please say so.

    Geoffrey Poole
  57. Not sure about your 360 owners but even after the 16MB patch the PS3 version is stuffed online. I still cant find other people to play against no matter how hard i try

  58. Same trouble here in the Netherlands.. Indeed very anoying..



    I've got many trouble with playind red dead redemption online.

    I usually can play online games on my xbox 360, but when i start red
    dead redemptions multiplayer it says: because of network issues i get
    disconnected and will be redirected to free roam. But instead of getting
    into free roam it hangs while loading. So i can not play this game
    online. It's the same when i try to get connected out of the
    singleplayer mode. The mtu in my router is set up right and ports are
    open.( As i said my Xbox Live works on other games) I read on the
    internet that many players have this issues but nobody has an idea what
    to do. So what can i do? Are you planning to fix it? When will it be
    fixed? Hope you can help me out.


    Hello Timo,

    We are aware that there are still some of you out there experiencing
    issues with Red Dead Redemption, including multiplayer connectivity and
    getting the Mo Van Barr bounty. We are currently testing a Red Dead
    Redemption title update for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that aims to fix
    these and other items. Due to the unpredictable nature of the testing
    and console manufacturer submission process, we cannot pin down a very
    specific date and time, but we do expect this to be released for
    download for both systems by the end of next week. We can assure you we
    are working with our partners at Microsoft and Sony to make this title
    update available literally as soon as possible.

    Once again, we thank everyone for their continued patience and
    understanding. As a token of our appreciation for your patience and in
    gratitude to all the Red Dead fans out there, we are also planning on
    releasing the Expert Hunter and Savvy Merchant outfits and related
    challenges later this summer for free. Please stay tuned for more
    details on that – as well as on the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Missions
    DLC Pack coming for free later this month.

    Kind regards,

    Rockstar Support

  60. Don't worry im from the Uk and im having the UNABLE TO CONNECT CHECK CONNECTIONS all the time! :@

  61. Hi Guy's,

    We play as posse every evening.
    3 of that posse can connect and switch from room to room and whatever gamemode without any problems.
    So i went to the guy's to check their network configuration.
    I set all so we where sure they had no problems caused by this.
    Still they are not able to connect or very rare.
    Difference is the internet speed we have.
    The 3 that can connect have a higher speed then the other two guy's.
    Imo. thats the problem, lower speed means trouble with this game..a pingcheck serverside maybe ? to high ping/low upload/download and you can't connect ?
    I dont know for sure, i do know that those configurations do work correctly.
    Hopefully Rockstar will solve it within a reasonable time.

  62. my problem is when i use multiplayer there isnt anyone online.. ever!

  63. When trying to get into multiplayer it sits in the loading screen forever. I bought xbox live and this game specificaly for the multiplayer. I am EXTREMELY pissed right now. I have changed all the settings on my router and my disc/xbox are both new. I am probably going to get rid of this garbage and stop wasting my time with crap that doesn't work.

  64. Jev is a douche bag! Rockstar has completely destroyed this game for me and I am sure anyone else that wanted to play multi-player. I have also tested games pre-release and I can promise you Rockstar knew about these issues before hand and failed to do anything about them, exactly like GTA4. There is absolutely no excuse for this piss poor attempt at multiplayer. Reguardless as to how good the single player is, it was marketed as a multiplayer game and it can not deliver on that promise. Would you buy 4 door car and accept the fact that you can not open the car doors?? Now would you walk away happy with the car dealer for telling you "Oh, we'll fix that later"? NO, HELL NO. SO neither should you accept the "we'll fix it later" excuse about multiplayer.

  65. same problem here, with my ps3, the loading screen never ends in multiplayer

  66. im having same problem, sitting there for hours waiting for multiplayer to load………………………………..

  67. guys just found out then that all you do is download the new content for the coo-op things, worked for me!

  68. After I downloaded the new content was when I started seeing MAJOR problems. It started about a week ago and only got worse. Now, after putting my xbox upright to try something new, my game got scratched and wont play at all. I am out $120 for this bullsh*t game and xboxlive gold. I hate life right now.

  69. Jeremiah and Jev,

    guess what, these things happen. bad luck. how bout getting a life jeez. your adults and your acting like kids -.- they will fix it up so just stop fighting bout jack shit. its not like there gonna leave it there.

  70. LOL in the new free DLC i got trapped in the church. i walked in and the doors locked or sumthin i had to kill myself. =) and plzz could u contact them about the spawning near the enemy who killed u plzzzz.

    billy bob
  71. Look, this is frigging horse *&^% i looked at the first dam comments in may they were f*cking hopeful that this crap would be fixed and yet here we are a month later and this sh*t is still BAD i bought my game the 21st of June for 67$ Canadian, that day the online was great not a single problem nothing. Yesterday shit was bad i almost threw my remote at my very expensive tv and TODAY the 23rd of june 2010 1 month and 1 day later after those comments the problems are still there and still very bad i mean my screen was loading for 35 mins!!!! then all it said was blah blah blah could not connect to other players because of connection. My connection is perfect my internet here in my room is great and yet my screen loads and loads until "Oh sorry fck off try again". Well i had fun writing this because now that i see it takes them months to fix stuff i'm probably gunna return it and buy a better friggin game like Dragon age or maybe another shoot em up type. One with working online that is. =) have a nice day rockstar u bast@rds

  72. Why the f*ck would this game go to market when it does not work as advertised? The single player stuff is great, but I bought it for the "supposed" multiplayer. reading these posts, I'm at least comforted that I am not a complete moron, and just don't know how to get a game going. This might be Rockstar's Albatross. FIX IT, or stop pretending to offer shidt you cannot deliver. It's real simple.

  73. Hey I am from Denmark, so sorry my english, But I can not meet any player in the free roam ?
    are their any proof that R* will make it work, Or shall i just keep playing the singel player, and forget about multiplayer. Because the hunting part in Singel player is also fun :)

  74. as of 7/7/10 im still unable to connect to multiplayer other then free roam priv and like the rest im also getting the rolling error to connect……
    and xbox is no help.. " we have come to understand this issue and a patch will be out shortly to fix the bug" its almost scripted if there lost on what to do or say lol

  75. found out friend did not have co-op pack. had no problems and palyed for hours. love this game!


  77. After coming on here previously, and ripping ass, and talking trash, I need to apologize. I recently figured out that the multiplayer works perfectly fine. The problem was in the router I had my connection through. What you all might look into is running a direct line from your modem, and bypass the router. This changes your NAT type to a 1. If you will take a look in system connections, you will likely see that your present NAT type is a 3. Any body? THAT is what is preventing you from joining the mulitplayer experience. I was so frustrated with this issue for weeks. I cannot take any credit for this info, please go to this link to see what to do.

  78. This multi player is a joke. Constant "removed from session due to connection issues with other players" and then out of the blue, you get booted from a session for no reason. And one more annoying aspect is (and i don't know if anyone else ever ran into this) the vote to kick option. I have been in free roam in posses and doing gang hideouts with one or two other players, then 6 or 7 new players get in the session, all in one posse (obviously invites from the first one to enter) then they all vote to kick everyone else out of the session. Go to private, don't be a douche!

  79. Since yesterday at about 7pm UK time multiplayer mode keeps freezing, it has done this numerous times.
    Single player works fine and online mode work fine on other games such as CoD but cant get more than 5/10mins of play in free roam or PvP matches.
    I have Ps3 slim (quite new) and disk is spotless.
    So annoying as I'm only 13 levels from getting my Bufallo :
    Anyone have any hints or ideas how we can resolve this problem or is it down to RockStar?

  80. Seriously are Rockstar just totally ignoring the fact tht this is a massive issue…its been ages and this crap is still going on i can rarely get into a multiplayer game for more than 30 seconds atm…i really don't wanna give up on it because the games i have managed to stay in have been so fun mostly but seriously sort this out rockstar!!!!

  81. you think hats and mounts is a big problem?! ther are alot of people cannot join any single MP mod the only way they could play is inviting each other we want to play TEAM DEATHMATCH ,free forall but we cant we are stuck with SP plz i did read some comments saying "you can contact with rock star" so plz for the love of this game and every multiplayer in this world tell them "if some people cant join a game mod whats the use of creating a mod and waiting for hours and nobody joining"

  82. This game should just work.
    So many bugs that just annoy me. I couldn't even complete the story missions, without the game glitches out. PS3 freezes whenever I'm near Frontera Bridge, freezes in Blackwater and in some missions.
    Weird occurrences appear online, menu is dissapearing, PS3 freezes, all players except me looses connection (This has occurred 2 times now!).
    The freezes has only got worse, since I bought the DLC.
    I pay more and more for this game, but all I'm getting is more bugs.

    Bent Simonsen
  83. yo richardramalot
    fuck you bitch nobody plays video games on the damn computer except you. know why? cuz we (all the people that arent you) have a fucking life. u, however, dont.

    mickey d
  84. Just tried for the first time to use multiplayer. free roam worked fien, but when inviting friends to join i would recieve an error. I've downloaded all the free stuff for the game from the marketplace and still no go. I see the last post is from june 27th, are there still ongoing issues or is it just me and my friends?

  85. ALERT You were removed from your session and returned to Free Roam due to connection issues with other players.

    this is what the majority of my game play on red dead redemption online looks like. i've never been able to stay connected to any one very long. 3 hours is my record. But most of the time it's about 30 seconds[literally].

  86. Multiplayer isn’t fixed. It never lets me connect, and on the rare occasions it does it glitches so hard -I- feel it. I called Rockstar and they told me to ‘clear my cache’. That .. did not work. So .. Rockstar, fix your stuff please so the rest of us can enjoy it. ):

  87. how do i start off on red dead redemption where i left off at after i beat a hide out when my game saved then i quit multiplayer so it can save again just to make sure . When i log on to play another day i start from the begining and my guns are gone that i worked so hard for. What can i do to get past this without starting over .

  88. surely if you find a g

  89. surely if you find guns on the floor, when you quite from multiplayer and you go multiplayer, you dont have those weapons that you found on the floor because it depends on your level
    For example:
    level 28 you get carcano rifle
    so try leveling up and you get cooler weapons

  90. Me too. I can see players but cant shoot them. Other players I cant see. Other players cant see me but I can see AND shoot them. I can only Move at a snails pace. It’s just unplayable :¬(

    I’ve tried switching games, restarting RDR and rebooting the XBox. Sometimes it works, but never for long.