Epic’s PC development severely hurt by piracy

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Epic Games Logo Videogame piracy is a constant thorn in the industries side. No matter what PC and console makers try to do, some crafty individual also finds a way around security. We’ve seen different measures such as DRM and secret anti-piracy hardware attempt to quell the epidemic, but the fight is long from over.

Epic Games was a major player in PC gaming in the past. The company now focuses its attention on developing for consoles. Epic’s president Mike Capps told Edge Magazine the console market is more lucrative than the PC market. Piracy played a huge role in this change. Capps recognized piracy led to the demise of many developers which could have hurt Epic’s bottom line. Epic still supports the PC platform, but don’t expect the company to devote as many resources to PC development as it did in the past.

Consoles are better protected, though not immune from piracy. The fear of piracy recently led Sony to remove the “Other OS” feature from all PS3’s. Of course this led to lawsuits and bitter Linux users, but the courts have not forced Sony to reinstate the feature. There are also several modded Xbox 360’s that play illegally obtained software. Using a modded console carries the risk of Microsoft banning the modder from using Xbox Live. Since most games have multiplayer features these days, modding consoles is becoming less attractive.

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