Prepare for Phantasy Star Portable 2

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Phantasy Star Portable 2

Sega’s decided that North America and Europe need a little more phantasy in their lives. Yes, phantasy – as in Phantasy Star Portable 2. The PSP game that continues the story of Phantasy Star Universe (Windows, PS2 Xbox 360) and Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) will be released outside of Japan, hopefully before the end of Q3 2010.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 takes place just about three years after Phantasy Star Universe and Phantasy Star Portable, and has players striggling to survive in the Little Wing Clad 6 Space Colony. SEED has been dispatched and sealed, and now everyone’s primary objective is to travel and hopefully find a way to survive and flourish. Once again, players can completely customize their character, and the available races are humans, Newmans, CASTs and Beastmen.

Content is abundant in Phantasy Star Portable 2. There are new characters to customize, and over 2,000 new pieces of equipment and items you can use however you deem fit. There are also over 100 missions to undertake, not to mention new Battle and Challenge missions that you can tackle with fellow Phantasy Star Portable 2 players.

There’s one feature I’m looking forward to in Phantasy Star Portable 2, and that’s Infrastructure Mode support. No more searching for friends nearby to take part in multiplayer co-op goodness over local ad hoc wireless. Phantasy Star Portable 2 supports online multiplayer if you could can to Wi-Fi! Hurray! I gave up on playing Phantasy Star Portable because it got boring – none of my friends within 50 miles of me owned a copy!

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