Redbox begins testing game rentals in select markets

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redbox games kiosk box illustrationCaveat Lector: If you are an employee or executive of Blockbuster Video, consider this a spoiler warning so you can just walk away.

In 2009 kiosk rental system Redbox began testing video game rentals in a couple of markets. Now the test program is expanding to Orlando, FL (USA). Redbox and its $1-a-day convenience in movie renting has been a big problem for brick-and-mortar competitors. At $2 a day for games, Redbox is not yet a viable competitor for Gamefly, the online rental service that charges a flat monthly rate to keep games as long as you want.

For games that only take a single day to beat, the $2 option would be more attractive. As mentioned, though, the video game rental program is only in a few markets so video rental stores with actual physical locations can breathe a little easier for now.

Then again, with companies including Electronic Arts and Ubisoft rocking the online pass to deter game rentals and used game sales, they already have enough to worry about.

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