Playstation Home Update: ModNation Racers and Little Big Planet pod penthouse and playground

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ModNation Space is huge

New Real Estates, New Spaces and Space Updates

New Real Estate

  • LIttleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse – The LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse for $4.99 features a giant PS3 controller that allows you to change what’s outside the window by rotating the background, two floors, a wallpaper game that lets you create wallpapers for your PS3 system and two open spaces downstairs to personalize. There doesn’t seem to be an exit to central plaza or spaces to hang personal photos on the walls. But the space rewards prizes for making wallpaper or inviting friends over. Check out this tour of the LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse:

New Spaces

  • LittleBigPlanet Playground – The new LittleBigPlanet Playground is a huge three level filled with familiar characters including King, Sackboy, Uncle Jalapeno, Ghosts, Meerkats and more. To have fun while exploring visit the King on the third floor to play the Snap Happy Game by taking snap shots of the objects the kings ask for, there are three separate groups of photos each offering a cool prize for playing. Or visit the creator and create your own wallpaper with friends that you can actually use on your PS3 and win a trophy. These two games should keep you occupied for now. There’s a hut under construction next to Uncle Jalepeno hinting at a new game or launching space. While you are exploring the playground you may just find someone who can help you with the co-op mini-games to complete each level at 100 percent, but for now check out the LittleBigPlanet Playground:
  • ModNation Racers Clubhouse – The ModNation Racer Clubhouse features a mini-theater where players can watch exclusive interviews or videos about their favorite game, hangout in the cafeteria style lounge area, play the sticker wall game or go upstairs to play Skee Racer. Skee Racer let’s players customize their karts and race them on a mini-course for prizes. Check out ModNation Racers Clubhouse:

Space Updates

  • 1.36 Patch for PS Home — A new patch for PlayStation Home has been released, when you log back into Home this week you will notice the system has found a new update for the game, but note for some people there is even a problem just loading Home in fact when your start the download the PS3 System it resets itself. Don’t panic, nothing has been lost. Home Community Manager CyodoniaX has posted a solution to this booting issue in the PlayStation forum and suggests users simply wait for the HDD Yellow Light on the PS3 System to stop flashing before pressing “Ok” to start the download. Once the patch is installed here is what the new 1.36 Patch was designed to fix:

    • Reduce the start up time for loading into Home.
    • Improve the 3D positioning for audio positioning.
    • Improve 5.1 surround sound.
    • Fix a bug that caused improper caching of large files.
    • Fix a bug that prevented users from changing the cache size of Home under certain circumstances.
    • Fix a bug that caused Home to crash while taking photographs.


*Unless specified in (parenthesis) all clothing items are available for both male and female avatars.

Lucas Arts located on the first floor of the Mall

Star Wars Section

  • Obi-wan Kenobi’s Tunic and Armor cost $2.99 (Male)

Indiania Jones Section

  • Mola Ram Outfit cost $2.99 (Male)
  • Dochenko Outfit cost $2.99 (Male)
  • Young Indiana Jones Outfit cost $2.99 (Male)
  • Henry Jones Sr. Outfit cost $2.99 (Male)

Furniture Section

  • Felucian Potted Fern cost $1.29
  • AT-ST Statue cost $1.29
  • Interactive Yoda Water Fountain cost $2.49
  • Homing Spider Droid Prop cost $2.99

Costume Store located on the second floor of the Mall

Red Dead Redemption Section

  • Bonnie McFarlane Outfit cost 99 cents (Female)*
  • Armadillo Woman Outfit cost $3.99 (Female)*
  • Walton Gang Member Outfit cost $3.99 (Male)*
  • John Marston Outfit cost $3.99 (Male)*
  • *Outfits are sold as a complete bundle, no individual items are available for each outfit.

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