Gamertell Persona 3 Portable preview diary: Entry 2 – Life as a girl

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Persona 3 Portable

The first day of school in Persona 3 Portable is pretty similar for both the hero and heroine’s route. Yukari walks to to class, which of course sets off all kinds of rumors. Except this time they aren’t dating rumors – when the hero walks with Yukari to school, everyone assumes they’re together.. Instead, everyone’s wondering if Yukari and the heroine are friends. Also, a lot of the male characters seem enamored with the prospect of a new girl in class. Yay for instant popularity! By the way, this first scene with Yukari is voiced, as are pretty much every morning conversation.

When the heroine walks into the school, you get to experience the new navigation system for daily events. Instead of being able to have your character walk around, you see a static image of the area. People playing the girl’s route have a pink cursor, which can be moved around the environment to talk to people, investigate select objects and move to other areas. If you take the time to chat with the people in the Main Hall before heading to the Faculty Office to meet her homeroom teacher, you’ll even get a sneak peek at the new Chariot Social Link character, Rio.

If you want, you can use the square button to jump to some areas. Be advised, that square won’t take you everywhere. In the school, for example, the square button will take you to hallways or your classroom. If you want to head to the athletic complex or specific club rooms, you have to first go to the hallway they’re in (or adjacent to, in the case of the gym) and then select the appropriate door with the cursor. When you highlight a door you can enter, you’ll see a notification letting you know it’s a valid location. Sometimes there’ll be a yellow, circular icon indicating you can move from one area to another, but in some cases there aren’t. (Like for the gym.)

Persona 3 Portable

Your visit to the Faculty Office starts off some expository scenes. Ms. Toriumi introduces herself and welcomes the heroine to her class (2-F). She also goes through the heroine’s file and learns that, just like the hero if you choose his story, her parents are dead. After that, it’s assembly time, where the principal speaks (he has a character portrait now, as do all teachers) and hear some classmates gossip about the heroine. Told you she was instantly popular. Since this whole long segment is an important part of the storyline, it’s completely voiced. So you’ll get to hear practically everyone speak during your first day of school in P3P.

Then, it’s time to meet Junpei. Ah Junpei. He’s still his special self in P3P. One minute he’ll say something genuinely funny that you’ll want to laugh at, the next he’ll say something so stupid that you wish you could unfriend him. He’s much more flirtatious in this route, and seems to take every opportunity possible to either flirt or act like an overprotective brother. The heroine and Yukari run into him after the assembly, learn he’s in 2-F as well and get into a conversation which manages to come off as both flirtatious and a little patronizing.

After that, it’s back to the dorm. Shortly after this eventful day, things happen which cause the heroine to become aware of her special ability to summon Personas, which can be used to fight shadows during the Dark Hour. If you’ve played the PS2 version of Persona 3, the heroine’s story sequences at this point are pretty much identical to the hero’s. The only exception is that Orpheus, the first persona for the male and female looks different. (And more feminine.)

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