A closer look at the Xbox 360 box art redesign

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Xbox 360 case redesign

Microsoft appears to be changing the look of the case Xbox 360 games are packaged with. Although no games at retail currently sport the new design, upcoming games such as Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days and Mafia II have been showing up on websites with the new look.

From what we can tell the entire box is not getting an overhaul. The only thing that has been changed is the top part of the box. Let’s look at a couple examples to get a clearer idea of what’s in store for future Xbox 360 games.

Old Design:

Just Cause 2 box art

We have here the box art for Just Cause 2. Notice the white background at the top before the solid green line separates the Xbox 360 logo from Rico’s head.

Now let’s look at box art from the upcoming game Deux Ex: Human Revolution.

New Design

Deux Ex Human Revolution box art

In the new box design, the solid green border is gone. The almost transparent wavy half circles from the original design are now various shades of green. The waves also curve to the left instead of the right. Perhaps the biggest change of all is the absence of the Xbox Live logo. We wonder what’s that about.

Other upcoming games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops are pictured to have the original box design. We can only assume Microsoft hasn’t gotten around to implementing the change into every new game yet.

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