Live Blog: Sony’s E3 2010 press conference

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sony e3 2010 press conference jack tretton photo

sony logoIt’s time to save the date again. Sony’s going to holding an E3 media presentation at 12 p.m. PST (2 p.m. CST, 3 p.m. EST) on June 15, 2010, right after Nintendo’s. Well, not right after. Nintendo’s conference will be three hours earlier.

Once again, Gamertell is going to be live-blogging the affair We’ll tell you exactly what’s happening at Sony’s press conference, while it’s happening. So be sure to bookmark this page and stop by on June 15, 2010, ready to constantly tap F5 to refresh and see the latest announcements.

And, while you’re waiting, check out Gamertell’s other E3 2010 reports. We’ll be reporting to you all direct from the Los Angeles Convention Center with first-hand impressions of all the hottest new games and gear.

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Live blog entries will update every 20 seconds.
at 9:59 PJ Hruschak said:
Excuse the delay - my battery died and now I'm plugged - what you missed: Gran Turismo will be H and 3D, coming November 2010. Also, Infamous 2 - which looked amazing and got a lot of "oohs" and "ahs" for cool freezing powers - coming 2011. The final surprise (you only missed about 10 minutes) was Twisted Metal. They had a teaser with live actors that was a little silly but then the clown pikcup us a cigar and lit his head. Looks like multiplayer teams or squads with NPC allies (yes, a clan of clowns). Multitiered levels with giant robots that you need to complete a lot of criteria to complete (capture opponent leader, bring them to a zone, hold them in that zone, activate a missile launcher, launch the missile, guide the missile and avoid opponents to hit the robot. Three times. They ended the conference with the clown car/van driving across the stage. Poor dude sat ther ein makeup until the end and the lights went down 9then he slowly snuck offstage). The big themes were content, Move, content, family games, Move and content. Thanks for joining us for the live blog. Look for photos of the event soon.
at 9:53 PJ Hruschak said:
Mafia 2 - exclusive day 1 content via PS3. Free to those who bought the Ps3 version. Assassin's Creedd Brotherhood - exclusive PS3 content as well. Multiplayer (beta exclusive to PSN only). Muliplayer look ("exclusive?").
at 8:29 PJ Hruschak said:
A lot of big monsters, explosions and particle effects. FF XIV Online - no "coming" date.
at 8:28 PJ Hruschak said:
Coming 2011.
at 8:27 PJ Hruschak said:
"Give gamers a complete connected social gaming experience, PS3 will excel in this area." Portal 2 to PS3. Steam Cloud, auto updates to make PS3 version "the best version on any console." Cutscene footage.
at 8:25 PJ Hruschak said:
Now enter - Portal 2. Demo. (Camera battery is dead). Gabe Noel on stage.
at 8:24 PJ Hruschak said:
Nice cutscenes - curious to see how it real plays. DS2 + Dead Space: Extraction with PS3 bundle. Building Crysis 2 in 3D as well as wella s Tiger, Need for Speed and others.
at 8:22 PJ Hruschak said:
Apparently the same segment shown at the EX press conference.
at 8:20 PJ Hruschak said:
Limited edition for PS3, remastered version of MOH: Frontline. PS3 only. Dead Space 2 for PS3. Looks like the games are coming out now. Live demo begins.
at 8:20 PJ Hruschak said:
MOH coming October 12, 2010.
at 8:19 PJ Hruschak said:
New multiplayer map for MOH. Afghanistan.
at 8:18 PJ Hruschak said:
Videos of Tier 1 operators - devs - coming ooming June 28, 2010.
at 8:16 PJ Hruschak said:
2 new titles with exclusive PS3 content - Metal of Honor. Exec Producer Greg Goodrich. Talking about Medal of Honor. Introducing Deuce, A1 Operator. (BTW: The light up keyboard on this Alienware laptop is very helpful for live blogging. Unfortunately my battery may give out soon).
at 8:14 PJ Hruschak said:
"Want gamers to get the PS3 version of every major game franchise out three." EA is working with Sony. Enter John Chappel from EA.
at 8:13 PJ Hruschak said:
" $49.99 for one year, 3-mo. $17.99. 3 months for free. Avaialable end of June 2010. Subscribers get 2 minis plus other content. Includes Qore (for duration of subscription). "Access and convenience for just over $3 per month." More content promotion.">
Playstation Plus subscriptipon-based service. Lots of promised exclusives, auto downloads, exclusive demos, and game content. "Hundrfeds of dollars of game value>" $49.99 for one year, 3-mo. $17.99. 3 months for free. Avaialable end of June 2010. Subscribers get 2 minis plus other content. Includes Qore (for duration of subscription). "Access and convenience for just over $3 per month." More content promotion.
at 8:10 PJ Hruschak said:
All those giggles turned into "Wows" by the end of the demo video.
at 8:06 PJ Hruschak said:
Adding new features including Sackboy NPCs, web integration, all to "make fun games." "A true platform for games." Competitive scoring modes demo. Four guys on the stage to play. button masher minigame.
at 8:04 PJ Hruschak said:
Sony acquired the company that made Little Big Planet to keep it a PS3-only game. ModNation Racers mention. Little big Planet 2 demo by Alex Evans.
at 8:03 PJ Hruschak said:
E3 booth replicated on PS Home (including booth babes, I'm sure). Back to promoting content. "Designed the content ecosystem to benefit all..."
at 8:02 PJ Hruschak said:
Tester Season 2 work starts today.
at 8:01 PJ Hruschak said:
"PSP is a crucial part of our strategy.." Works with PS Network for no additional fee. Now touting the goodness of the PS Network. "Most connected console on the3 market."
at 8:00 PJ Hruschak said:
Mickey game and EyePet both coming to PSP. Kingdom Hearts. Cannot keep up.
at 7:59 PJ Hruschak said:
PSP release montage - a lot of quick clips. A few minutes with the PSp and PSP camera.
at 7:58 PJ Hruschak said:
PSP: Tron, kingdom Hearts, Toy Story 3, Ace Combat Joint Assault, UFC Unleashed, God of War. 70 new titles by December 2010.
at 7:57 PJ Hruschak said:
They really like the floor display. Invizimals - uses PSP cameraGod of Wars: Ghost of Sparta - with teaser video.
at 7:55 PJ Hruschak said: = "Step your game up." So Marcus is doing the Butler job for PSP in full commercials. Not nearly as funny.
at 7:54 PJ Hruschak said:
Butler and Marcus video - cute. faux interview.
at 7:53 PJ Hruschak said:
Think I mistypes the release dates - Sept 17th and 19th and Oct 21. New campaign to promote the PSP. With Marcus.
at 7:51 PJ Hruschak said:
Shooting game looks like it has a second wireless accessory (Nunchuck like). Really playing up the family games for Move.
at 7:50 PJ Hruschak said:
Montage of promo videos for Move. Saw much of this already. So the big announcement seems to be the release date and price points for Move.
at 7:49 PJ Hruschak said:
Move will bridge thegab between core and casual." Playstation Movie - Europe Stpt,. 19, US 19th, Japan Oct 21, 2010. $49.99 for Move Controller $29.99 Bundle with controller, Eye and Sports Champions for $99. PS3 bundle with Move - $399. Games for %$29.99 with 20 titles for Holiday 2010. SOCOM 4, Time Crisis, Singstar Dance, Echochrome 2... Support: Toy Story 3, Hewvy Rain - all with download update.
at 7:46 PJ Hruschak said:
Pete and Kevin bantering. And a Coke mention.
at 7:44 PJ Hruschak said:
Butler is stealing the show - not even promoting anything specific.
at 7:43 PJ Hruschak said:
"Am I crazy or did I just see 100 French acrobats dancing in an arena the other night." - Butler. "Time to focus on what really matters - the games. I love gaming." GFaming is having a ridiculously huge TV in a tiny one rpoom apartment, staying up uintiul 3 AM to earn a trophy that isn't real - but it is. The way to a man's heart is through a melee attack. I love gaming."
at 7:41 PJ Hruschak said:
"Coming Soon." My bet for one of themost fun games ever. Announcing Coca-Cola partnership. Highling PS Move and PS3 promotions. Win games, Move, PS3s and Tron Evolution. Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite. Merchandising plugs _ Here cpomes Butler! Much applause.
at 7:39 PJ Hruschak said:
Introducing final title - Heroes on the Move, has iconic PS characters: Jak, Sly, Ratchet, Bently, Clank, Daxter.
at 7:38 PJ Hruschak said:
Tiger in HD, 3D with downloadable update. Demo on Move demo disc.
at 7:37 PJ Hruschak said:
Now putting - using buttons for putt preview. Made it.
at 7:35 PJ Hruschak said:
Live demo of Tiger Woods game, swinging it like a golf club. Said he's horrible at dog leg left and turned on mulligins. Can open and close the club head. Tiger's Wrist twisted and he missed - second shot was much better but went into sand trap. Reset. Third in the sand as well. "It's all about feel."
at 7:33 PJ Hruschak said:
PS Move will "re3volutionize sports" - EA Sports Wilson comes out Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
at 7:31 PJ Hruschak said:
Coming Spring 2011.
at 7:31 PJ Hruschak said:
shook potion, drink my moving to mouth and changed into a rat. Small applause. Use buttons to open menu and wand to select. Steering a whirlwind with the controller. More applause - ppl. are impressed with the level of control of elements with the single wand. A lot of twisting and swirling.
at 7:28 PJ Hruschak said:
Move connection issues (another theme for the day). Connected now using on-screen menu witht he buttons. Moving a magic wand with wrist flicks. Movements affect power and trajectory. I don't see how to aim. Going to show how to combine spells.
at 7:27 PJ Hruschak said:
New games anounced today - enter Kristin Busic. Sorcery logo on screen. Play as a sorceror. Using Move. "The grail of development - total sense of immersion."
at 7:25 PJ Hruschak said:
Putting multiple games on one Blu-ray disc.
at 7:24 PJ Hruschak said:
Showing a lot of Butler vid in there, too. "Sony: Make Believe" logo.
at 7:22 PJ Hruschak said:
Developer testament videos - "Head and shoulders over anything else for console in terms of versatility"
at 7:22 PJ Hruschak said:
Playstation Move - enter Peter Dille (marketing and PS Network) Photo of girls playing (going for young and female gamers). Move will offer a "New level of precision." Here's how it works - Eye camera and Move controller "fidelity and precision" - 3 sensors. Light is tracked in real time. Touting it for everyone.
at 7:19 PJ Hruschak said:
15 anniv. of Playstion and 10th of PS2 - some numbers but not many. Touting it as a streaming device and multimedia hub.
at 7:17 PJ Hruschak said:
Tumble 3d - Jenga. Mortal Kombat 3D is literally killer. 3d Fatalities! EyePet is cute but looks complicated.
at 7:16 PJ Hruschak said:
3D is very nice - showing clips of games just mentioned.
at 7:16 PJ Hruschak said:
lasses on again - 3 More of the inrtro video as well, content montage.
at 7:14 PJ Hruschak said:
Move enabled demoing at E3 (expect a Hands On) - host is back. Really hareping on the "games made for 3D" idea. PS3 only platform with native 3D gaming - MotorStorm Apoc., Sly collection, Gran Turismo 5 all in 3D. More franchises in 3D: Crysis 2, Mortal Koimbat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon, Tron Evolution, NB A 2K11 Playstation move: The Fight, EyePet, MLB the Show
at 7:12 PJ Hruschak said:
Flying footage looks great (that's a real thumb) took some video but not sure you'llbe able to see the 3D at home even with glasses. Available February 2011, PS3 only.
at 7:10 PJ Hruschak said:
Blood splattering the corners of the screen - they dropped down a movie screen to project the game. I'm wearing glasses with the 3D glasses ove rit and it still looks good. Of course it is an HD movie.
at 7:08 PJ Hruschak said:
Looks amazing - a lot of "holy shits" from the crowd. 3D booster boots - very nice video action.
at 7:06 PJ Hruschak said:
3D glasses on
at 7:05 PJ Hruschak said:
demonstrate 3D title, Killzopne 3 - Irving Host - live demo coming. complete 3D integration in mind from the beginning of the project. 2 sections from level 4.
at 7:04 PJ Hruschak said:
Pres. Group CEO SOE - Kazuo Hirai - taking the stage. Talking about 3D. (previously mentioned HD 3D) Innovation and content is the message. 'Camera to the living room." "End to end system of 3d experience." So stressing the cpontentand delivery of content. And mentipon of Sony 3D TV - 35 million PS3s will be 3D - sys software update makes it 3D. Syiper stardusg, Haig, Wipeout HD - all 3D Native 3D titles coming march 2011
at 7:00 PJ Hruschak said:
lots of cheering. Mentioned Butler not co-hosting - stealing his ink and has a 10-ft mural outside E3 Want to be an "interactive network company" - only company with something for everyone (?)
at 6:59 PJ Hruschak said:
Jack Trettopn - Pres & CEO takes the stage. "Wowo, check out the stage I feel like I'm at a U2 concert"
at 6:59 PJ Hruschak said:
Jack Trettopn - Pres & CEO takes the stage. "Wowo, check out the stage I feel like I'm at a U2 concert"
at 6:58 PJ Hruschak said:
A lot of families grabbing controllers and. "Who wants to pretend the hand is a gun. What is this 3rd Grade?"
at 6:56 PJ Hruschak said:
Music dying down. Time to start. begin video intro - montage of games. Saw Spidey, racing, kids, bowling, more.
at 6:54 PJ Hruschak said:
If they are smart they'll give everyone a PSPgo - doubt it though.
at 6:54 PJ Hruschak said:
1 minute warning. Big screenwith PSPs, PSPgos and PS3s - and controllers and 3D glasses - floating downward.
at 6:52 PJ Hruschak said:
5 minute warning - British voice asking us to take out seats
at 6:47 PJ Hruschak said:
10 minute warning
at 6:44 PJ Hruschak said:
Connection is iffy here so I may cut out once in a while.
at 6:40 PJ Hruschak said:
They handed us 3D glasses as we walked in tagged "Real D - 3D"- be back soon (saving battery life)
at 6:37 PJ Hruschak said:
Free booze and food at the Sony event - welcome treats after the long morning with Nintendo.
at 6:35 PJ Hruschak said:
In the theater waiting for the event to begin.
at 6:56 PJ Hruschak said:
Be certain to check this page throughout the press event.
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