E3 2010: No Half-Life 2 Episode 3

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Half-Life 2 My friends I bring you sad news. The beloved franchise known as Half-Life has not seen a new game in almost six long years. Rumors were pointing to a possible Half-Life 2: Episode 3 reveal at E3 2010. Well we’re here to tell you that isn’t going to happen.

This whole fiasco started when Valve canceled it’s Portal 2 event in favor of a surprise. Half-Life fans quickly assumed Gordon Freeman would be making a grand appearance at E3 in Portal’s place. A image that supposedly pointed to the return of Half-Life quickly made its rounds around the internet. The world remained skeptical yet optimistic.

Fan site received an e-mail from Valve president Gabe Newell labeling the image as “fake.” So there is not Half-Life game at E3 2010 everyone. We can stop dreaming now.

Whatever the surprise is, we know we can expect something exciting from Valve.

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  1. just because gabe said the poster was a fake which it is, doesn't mean that ep3 isn't going to be at e3
    he said the poster was a fake he never said ep3 was not going to be at e3. how you came to this assumption makes no sense.

  2. For the loyal fans of the series out there this leaves us scratching out heads and raises my expectations for the BIG surprise. As much as I would have liked to see Portal 2 at E3 this year I don't think it would have been a head turner at the convention. Valve's presentation needs to explode into the spotlight like it did with Half-Life 2 at E3 2003(sigh).

    Jon Simon