PlayStation Network down for maintenance

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According to the PlayStation Blog, this “regularly scheduled” maintenance will keep online services for the PlayStation Network down from 8am Pacific to 8:30pm Pacific. Though the blog insists that this could last for “several hours,” some simple math seems to come to the conclusion that this will last 12 hours, otherwise known as all day.

Whilst the servers are receiving their necessary cleaning/upgrades/what-have-you, the PlayStation Store and Account Management options will be inaccessible. In fact, the blog warns that some folks might even have trouble signing in to their PSN accounts at all which could lead to some very frustrated online gamers. Who wants to play the campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

This maintenance comes as no real surprise to the discerning gamer, though, as it is just under a week until E3. The rumors are still flying around about the PSN Premium reveal and what all that might include. Considering that this will be a half day maintenance, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Sony was amping up for the big reveal by installing everything they might need before releasing the Premium option almost simultaneously with the announcement of it. Even if it isn’t simultaneously released, getting a large chunk of the work done prior to the revelation is a smart move.

Regardless of the reason, that’s one long wait for anyone who—like me—is trying to clean up those pesky Red Dead Redemption multiplayer trophies. Sony needs to understand that I still need to win four consecutive FFA matches and this maintenance puts a severe damper on that.

Read [PlayStation Blog] Via [Joystiq]

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