Live Blog: Microsoft E3 2010 Press Conference

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microsoft logoGamertell will be sharing all the goodies from Microsoft’s press event with you starting at 12 noon Central time, June 14, 2010. Will Kinect change the way we game? Will Delta Squad finish the Gears of War trilogy with a bang? Will we stop asking open-ended, hyperbole filled questions?

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at 7:02 Brian Allen said:
Some great exclusives, interesting Kinect features and overall a strong showing by Microsoft. Thanks for joining us and stay locked into Gamertell all week for more E3 2010 coverage!
at 7:00 Brian Allen said:
Behold the new black Xbox 360 with a 250 GB hard drive and built in WiFi and it's shipping today, available in stores this week. Everybody in the theatre gets one on Microsoft!
at 6:58 Brian Allen said:
If Kinect takes off, motion control will truly be the defining characteristic of this console war.
at 6:55 Brian Allen said:
They're taking a walkaround tour of the car. If you kneel in Kinect, the camera tracks you and shows you the car's tires from that perspective.
at 6:53 Brian Allen said:
Next up is Forza Motorsport, you can drive just by putting your hands at 10 and 2, as you would on a steering wheel.
at 6:51 Brian Allen said:
Holy bantha fodder, it's Kinect Star Wars game!
at 6:50 Brian Allen said:
Kinect launches in North America on Nov. 4 with 15 titles.
at 6:48 Brian Allen said:
They just answered my question. There's a "Break it Down" mode that will teach you the dance moves step by step.
at 6:48 Brian Allen said:
Artists on the soundtrack include Lady Gaga and No Doubt. Whatever you do, do not put their avatars in this game or they'll sue you.
at 6:47 Brian Allen said:
Dance Central is a Harmonix project. Their representative said they've wanted to do a dance game, but the technology wasn't available. Now it is.
at 6:46 Brian Allen said:
It looks fun, but I wonder if people who can't dance will be able to get any enjoyment out of it.
at 6:45 Brian Allen said:
Now they're demoing Dance Central, which has been a hit among the preview crowds so far.
at 6:44 Brian Allen said:
The first year or so of Kinect should be interesting. If the initial games don't sell, I wonder if developers will bail.
at 6:43 Brian Allen said:
This part of the press conference could really be called "What Ya Gonna Do Now, Nintendo?"
at 6:41 Brian Allen said:
I still think it's hilarious that people who weren't concerned about their own bodies will work out to make their avatar lose weight.
at 6:40 Brian Allen said:
Michael George, trainer to the stars, is here. He helped with the fitness elements of the game.
at 6:38 Brian Allen said:
Wii Fit, Ubisoft is coming right at you.
at 6:38 Brian Allen said:
It's called Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.
at 6:37 Brian Allen said:
Ubisoft has an entry into the Kinect fray, an exercise game apparently.
at 6:35 Brian Allen said:
Kinect Adventures captures photos of you jumping around like a crazy person that you can share. I wouldn't buy it for myself, but I bet my wife and kids will love it.
at 6:33 Brian Allen said:
Kinect Adventures appears to be the party game of the group.
at 6:32 Brian Allen said:
I'm pretty sure I'd get tired if I have to jump around like that to play a racing game.
at 6:30 Brian Allen said:
Now Joy Ride. I'm happy to see the game again, but sad if it's only Kinect compatible.
at 6:30 Brian Allen said:
One of the sports is bowling, Microsoft has no shame in its game. Where's Reggie Fils-Aime?
at 6:29 Brian Allen said:
Yes, it's every bit as much like Wii Sports as you probably imagined it would be.
at 6:27 Brian Allen said:
Now Kinect Sports, and who didn't know they were doing a sports game for this thing?
at 6:26 Brian Allen said:
Over 40 animals to play with in Kinectimals.
at 6:26 Brian Allen said:
Folks, we give you "Skittles," the next Kinect celebrity. Sorry, Milo.
at 6:25 Brian Allen said:
Xbox 360, we teach your children to play with dangerous animals. That's probably not the marketing slogan.
at 6:24 Brian Allen said:
He's bringing six Kinect games for demo. First is a cute little girl playing with her virtual tiger cub. This is called Kinectimals, apparently.
at 6:23 Brian Allen said:
Now it sounds like we get some games.
at 6:22 Brian Allen said:
Kinect Creative Director Kudo Tsunoda is on hand now.
at 6:22 Brian Allen said:
The ESPN HD is available to all XBLA gold members at no additional charge.
at 6:21 Brian Allen said:
Awright, I am offically on the Kinect bandwagon. Voice controlled sports replays is awesome.
at 6:20 Brian Allen said:
Josh is an Ohio State fan, and Trey is torturing him with a replay of USC owning the Buckeyes in college football.
at 6:18 Brian Allen said:
Josh says playing 360 during their breaks is now considered "research."
at 6:17 Brian Allen said:
Josh Elliot and Trey Wingo are here live.
at 6:17 Brian Allen said:
Exclusive partnership includes 3,500 live and On Demand events including soccer and college football.
at 6:16 Brian Allen said:
Nope, a partnership with ESPN. I am intrigued by this.
at 6:16 Brian Allen said:
Now some actual games that use Kinect, maybe?
at 6:15 Brian Allen said:
I see the marketing plan, don't just sell the core gamers. Sell their families and spouses. Kinect may well be a hit.
at 6:14 Brian Allen said:
They mentioned Avatar The Last Airbender's achievement boosting capabilities, sweet!
at 6:13 Brian Allen said:
Video chat, genius!
at 6:12 Brian Allen said:
And now a demo of Video Kinect, which connects to Windows Live Messenger.
at 6:10 Brian Allen said:
I was skeptical, but I am interested in at least tasting the Kinect Kool-Aid now.
at 6:08 Brian Allen said:
You know what, my wife is totally going to make me buy this when she sees no remote control is necessary for Netflix and Zune.
at 6:07 Brian Allen said:
It also has voice recognition, I am intrigued.
at 6:07 Brian Allen said:
You can sign in by waving and navigate a controller free menu.
at 6:06 Brian Allen said:
This is what happens when technology gets out of your way, he says.
at 6:05 Brian Allen said:
VP Marc Whitten is here to debut Kinect.
at 6:05 Brian Allen said:
I was not just blown away by that trailer, but I'm going to purchase it first day anyway.
at 6:02 Brian Allen said:
I wonder how much foreshadowing this game will have, since we know the Covenant takes Reach at the end.
at 6:00 Brian Allen said:
A quote from Campaign Mode: "Is there anywhere the Covenant isn't?"
at 5:59 Brian Allen said:
He said it ships Sept, but didn't give a specific date.
at 5:59 Brian Allen said:
He calls "Reach" Bungie's most ambitious game ever.
at 5:58 Brian Allen said:
Bungie Creative Director Marcus Leto will show us Halo Reach.
at 5:58 Brian Allen said:
This new title is Codename Kingdoms, and the trailer looks very God of War-ish.
at 5:57 Brian Allen said:
It's Crytek!
at 5:57 Brian Allen said:
Microsoft Game studios has a new game partner - here's a trailer.
at 5:56 Brian Allen said:
He says you'll get to be King in Fable 3, some kingdom building elements in play, eh?
at 5:55 Brian Allen said:
It ships Oct. 26.
at 5:54 Brian Allen said:
Here's Peter Molyneaux to talk Fable III, set five decades after Fable 2.
at 5:54 Brian Allen said:
Wuh-oh, must be the "Hammer resistant" Lambent version. Cliffy B says there's a new game mode called Beast.
at 5:53 Brian Allen said:
That Hammer of Dawn Marcus called for five minutes ago is finally ready.
at 5:52 Brian Allen said:
That Lambent just keeps getting more and more ugly as the fight goes on.
at 5:51 Brian Allen said:
A Lambent mutant variant is breathing fire- time to deploy the Hammer of Dawn.
at 5:50 Brian Allen said:
Yea! Playable Anya!
at 5:50 Brian Allen said:
The Locust are ripping off limbs off corpses and beating people about the head - good clean fun.
at 5:49 Brian Allen said:
He's demoing 4-player co-op in GOW 2 with help from Microsoft's Tina Wood.
at 5:48 Brian Allen said:
Here's Cliffy B: I wonder what he's showing?
at 5:48 Brian Allen said:
Now come the exclusive games.
at 5:47 Brian Allen said:
Halo Reach, Fable 3 and Crackdown 2 get special mention from him as Xbox exclusives.
at 5:47 Brian Allen said:
Now we have Phil Spenser, VP of Microsoft Games division.
at 5:46 Brian Allen said:
From choppin up robots to choppin up watermelons - such lovable MGS randomness.
at 5:45 Brian Allen said:
The trailer shows our hero taking on a huge robot with his trusty sword. Is that Raiden? Hard to tell with him armored up like that.
at 5:43 Brian Allen said:
He brought on Shigonobu Matsayama, producer on Metal Gear Rising.
at 5:42 Brian Allen said:
Hideo Kojima takes the stage now.
at 5:41 Brian Allen said:
And here comes Kinect.
at 5:41 Brian Allen said:
Talking up the holy trinity of shooters, Halo, Gears and COD.
at 5:40 Brian Allen said:
Wow, they just announced all COD maps and add-ons will launch first on Xbox 360 through 2012.
at 5:39 Brian Allen said:
And Lamia's out. What else do you really need to say? COD, buy it.
at 5:39 Brian Allen said:
Now he's jacked an enemy copter and do I even need to tell you he's under heavy fire?
at 5:38 Brian Allen said:
It looks like more big military adventure in the classic COD tradition. Your in-game character just staged a daring raid on an enemy facility.
at 5:36 Brian Allen said:
Treyarch head Mark Lamia is taking us "behind enemy lines" with Call of Duty:Black Ops.
at 5:28 Brian Allen said:
Pachter can't stop calling it "Natal" either. Good to know I'm not alone.
at 5:26 Brian Allen said:
As if on cue, Michael Pachter just told Geoff Keighley that he thinks this will be a hard sell for the core gamer. He also guesses a launch price around $150.
at 5:22 Brian Allen said:
I suspect this will be a very "Kinect" heavy presser. Microsoft is hoping to end the core gamers' skepticism.
at 5:06 Brian Allen said:
And we begin with a half-hour delay for the Microsoft presser. Nothing unusual there, these events rarely start on time.
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