E3 2010: Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 is for real

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Twisted Metal PS3 image

No more denials, no more secrets. Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 does, in fact, exist and it looks incredible. After months upon months of denials that it was even being worked on, the newest title in the legendary car combat series was revealed during Sony’s E3 press event June 15. David Jaffe’s Eat, Sleep, Game studio will handle development and it is a PS3 exclusive.

The franchise’s biggest star, diabolical clown Sweet Tooth, was featured heavily in the press conference and the demo. Twisted Metal will feature online multiplayer for up to 16 participants and is arriving in 2011. Apparently the in-game characters will have factions supporting them and they will play an important role in multiplayer.

Part of the demo was an interesting take on “Capture The Flag” style matches. To win, you must destroy a giant metallic replica of your opponent’s character. This looked like frantic, chaotic fun. One of the weapon/vehicle combos displayed is riding a motorcycle while wielding a chainsaw. You can drag the chainsaw along the ground making sparks until it catches fire. The flaming chainsaw does triple damage to anyone unfortunate enough to taste its blade.

Twisted Metal was an important part of the PlayStation and PS2 console cycles, so it’s only fitting that it’s a Sony exclusive. I cannot wait. Sweet Tooth, we missed your crazy clown carnage. Welcome back, psycho.

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