E3 2010: Hands-on with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

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Golden Sun Dark DawnOne of the highlights of my E3 2010 trip was to finally get hands-on, quality time with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – the first DS entry in the Golden Sun series. It won’t be out until this holiday season, but I got a chance to take a look at the battle system and how towns will look.

I decided to test out the Battle Mode first, to see what battles are like in the newest entry. I was able to go through three fights in a row, with each battle slightly more challenging, with my three characters – Matthew, Karis and Tyrell. Matthew is the well rounded hero, Karis is a mage and Tyrell is your basic heavy hitter/tank. The first two battles were incredibly easy, all I needed to do was continually attack. The final battle was against an ogre-esque boss critter, which took multiple hits to take down. A combination of standard attacks, magic spells and djinn summons finished him off before long.

After that, I got to explore a town as Matthew. Isaac’s name (a Golden Sun hero) popped a few times as he made quite a name for himself with his actions from the previous games and is heralded among townsfolk. You can use special attacks in towns or dungeons to effect the environment, if need be, though there weren’t any spots where I could use Growth or Move. (Growth would cause plants to move, and Move would allow Matthew to move things.)

Of course, we’ll get to see more about Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as it’s holiday season release date draws nearer. For now, we just know that it takes place at a time where things have gone wrong again and players must help heroes make the world safe again.

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