E3 2010: Hands-on with Super Scribblenauts

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Super ScribblenautsWhile stopping by Warner Bros. booth at E3 2010 to make a LEGO character and take pictures with LEGO Harry, Hermoine, Ron and Hagrid, I happened to see that Super Scribblenauts DS demos were set up nearby. There’s no way someone can see Scribblenauts demo stations and pass them by, so of course I ran right over and claimed an available DS so I could see what Maxwell’s up to now. Fortunately, I was able to try out not one, but two puzzles from Super Scribblenauts.

The first puzzle stumped me. I’ll admit it, after five minutes I gave up. Maxwell was at the back of a line at a game store, hoping to get a copy of Super Scribblenauts. The task was to get to the front of the line. Sounds simple. It wasn’t. No innocents were allowed to be harmed, which is exactly what happened when I tried to summon a pegasus for Maxwell to ride to the front of the line. The army man in front of him got mad and attacked the person in front of him. My next idea was just to run in front of everyone, hopefully fast enough where no one could grab me. But once again, failed – this time for cutting in line. As a last resort, after six various attempts, I decided to try the handcuff and vending machine trick, in the hopes that I could “fill” the vending machine with the game and drag it over to Maxwell so he could easily acquire the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like a challenge), 5th Cell removed that little “trick”.

I then went to the second demo puzzle, which placed Maxwell in what looked like a Super Mario level. It even had blocks to hit, huge turtles, a red piranha plant and a castle with flagpole. Before I tried it out, I went to the options menu to shift over to the newly added face button controls. If you were ever frustrated in the original Scribblenauts with Maxwell running when you touched the screen to move an object, you’ll be pleased with them. I had him start jumping around and hitting the golden blocks. The first two yielded a coin and mushroom, while another provided a red flower. I’ll admit it, I picked it up to see if it’d let Maxwell shoot fireballs. (It didn’t). The last block I hit contained the starite, and I summoned up a gold jetpack to fly up and retrieve it.

Like the original Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts looks like it is shaping up to be quite an interesting game. If you’re at E3 2010 and have time, stop by Warner Bros. booth in the South Hall and test it out for yourself. Maybe you’ll even figure out how to solve puzzle 1-1 in the demo!

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