E3 2010: Hands-on Powerball Exercise ball

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I was walking by some booths and a man stuck a exercise ball in my hand and told me that is made for gamers (and other exercise enthusiasts) to work out their arms and prepare for gaming.

The man was Tom Smith and he works for (is the President of) DynaFlex International, makers of fitness gear, and the exercise ball he stuck in my hand was the Powerball Gamer.

The ball was actually a gyroscope you spin in your hand while a inner ball spins in the opposite direction, creating resistance.

It is hard to use at first but, as you practice you get better. There is also a training DVD that comes with it (that I didn’t have a chance to look at yet). I really felt the strain in my arm muscles and I am hoping with some use I will have arms of steel.

Site [DynaFlex International]

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