E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS game card looks familiar

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3DS cartridge The Nintendo 3DS, while boasting different internal technology, takes on a familiar design. The 3DS can be easily compared to the DSi with the exception of the analog stick. The 3DS is also backwards compatible with DSi games. Those games won’t be instantly upgraded to 3D, but the cartridges are almost the same.

The photo above shows what a 3DS cartridge looks like. It has the same shape of a DSi cartridge, except the 3DS cartridge has a small extension on its upper right hand corner. The 3DS cartridge will be able to hold 2GB of storage. So what is that extra extension for? It may be a kind of antennae that scans available Wi-Fi signals to take advantage of the 3DS’ “always on” connectivity.

Nintendo is looking to broaden its reach in the online community by making the 3DS a console that has the potential to stay connected to the internet. It will quietly pull down data that will be available to you when you boot up the 3DS.

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