PlayStation Plus subscription service available June 29, 2010, for PS3, PSP

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PlayStation Plus Premium Service

When the PlayStation Network launched November 2006, rumors began to spread about a fee-based system being implemented to use any network services currently available on the PlayStation 3 (including fees to use online gaming connection, chat or messaging services and access to the PlayStation Network Store).

At E3 2010, Sony confirmed that the existing PlayStation Network will remain free. The only service that will be available for an annual fee is the new optional subscription service called PlayStation Plus that will launch June 29, 2010.

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is a premium service that will be offered as an annual subscription fee of $49.99, those wishing to try the service can try the limited subscription service for three months for $17.99. PlayStation Plus offers exclusive features and a new “try before you buy” of any movie or games listed for either the PlayStation 3 or the PlayStation Portable systems. Again, the current service PSN will remain active and free. PlayStation Plus will not replace the existing service but offers enhanced features and a free subscription to Qore.

Here is what else subscribers can expect from the PlayStation Plus service:

  • Full Game Trial – Allows gamers to try any full game available in the PlayStation Store for an hour before deciding whether or not they wish to purchase the game. If a person decides to purchase the game, they will not lose any progress made on the game as the game will allow players to continue the game from where they left off even after the expiration period expires.
  • Exclusive Offers – Subscribers will be offered exclusive avatars, custom themes and downloadable bonus content at no additional cost. Offers may vary from month to month.
  • Priority Beta Invitations – Subscribers will be offered early invitations to try upcoming popular games still in Beta.
  • Automatic Downloads – The service will automatically download selected demos, patches and firmware updates.
  • Free Games and Bonus Content – Subscribers will receive free access to select games, bonus content and other downloads at no additional cost. Access to personal library of free games and content will be available as long as players keep their subscription service active.
  • PlayStation Network Store Discount – Subscribers can save up to 50% off any product available in the PlayStation Network Store.
  • Early Access – Subscribers will be offered early access to beta trials, demos and videos before it is offered to the public.
  • Sign-up Bonus – When the game launches PlayStation Plus will offer new subscribers a full PlayStation Network game WipEout HD, a full game trial of inFamous, PSP minis, PSOne Classics, premium avatars, DLC levels and map packs as well as three free bonus months of PlayStation Plus to those who sign-up for the yearly subscription rate.

Where to Subscribe on June 29, 2010

Simply log into the PlayStation Network and visit the PlayStation Store to purchase the subscription rate of choice.

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