Wii Menu 4.3 kills homebrew

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Wii System Settings MenuWii owners running the Homebrew Channel on their systems are going to want to ignore Nintendo’s latest official note requesting that they update their firmware. Nintendo released Wii Menu 4.3 on June 21, 2010, and it kills the Homebrew Channel. In fact, that’s all the Wii Menu 4.3 System Update will do.

Nintendo officially confirms this itself on its Customer Service support page entry dealing with Wii Menu 4.3. The latest update systematically removes any kind of homebrew or unauthorized files. So much for the fan-patch for Fatal Frame IV! If you do go through with the install and get an “Error:004″ message, that’s the Wii’s way of letting you know you’re trying to run homebrew and it won’t let you.

Wii Menu 4.3 is the first Wii firmware update since September 28, 2009. As you may recall, Wii Menu 4.2 was also supposed to banish homebrew. Instead, it caused a number of innocent Wii units to turn into bricks. Also like Wii Menu 4.2, Wii Menu 4.3 is supposed to add a few tweaks that will make your Wii run better.

Hackers are a dedicated bunch though. I’m sure within a week or two the Homebrew Channel will be resurrected and the fan-made Fatal Frame IV patch will be working again.

Read [Nintendo] Via [Joystiq] Also Read [GoNintendo]

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  • Adrian

    dat update already killed my homebrew channel.and i barely installed it 2 days ago.but i hope hackers kum 2 rescue the homebrew channel again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adrian

    if yall know how to take dat error 004 thing.let me know>>>>