Guess the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online character

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Marvel Super Hero Squad OnlineMarvel Super Hero Squad Online is an upcoming, free-to-play children’s MMO set in the (duh) Marvel Universe. Players can collect heroes that they can swap out at any time.

At E3 2010, those who visited the Marvel Super Hero Squad Online booth got a free poster and a comic book. It’s not really a comic book but rather a booklet advertising the game made to look like a comic book.

The last page of the “comic book” is the one that you see in the photo above/below. Indicated are pictures of some of the superheroes players can collect in the game. There are also images of silhouetted superheroes with the words, “Coming Soon” underneath. I thought it would be fun to guess the identity of these superheroes. No, not their secret identity — just, who is represented by those silhouettes.

If you go to the Marvel Super Hero Squad website and check out the screenshots and trailer, you can probably guess a few of them.

The silhouettes with the simplest shapes are quite tricky. For example, look at the one right above Thing. It’s just an oval-shaped head. Who the hell is that? That could be anyone.

This gallery of available superheroes in the game is by no means complete. A dev I spoke with at E3 explained that they’ll constantly be releasing new superheroes (and villains, I’m guessing). Their ultimate goal is to churn out every superhero in the Marvel Universe, and that is no small feat.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is scheduled to come out in early 2011.

Site [Marvel Super Hero Squad Online] Site [Gamertell @ E3 2010]

In case you need a better look at the graphic, here ya go:

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