Gamertell Review: Sam and Max Episode 3: They Stole Max’s Brain

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Title: Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain!
Price: $8.95
System(s): *PC, Mac, iPad, PS3
Release Date: June, 22, 2010
Publisher (Developer): Telltale
ESRB Rating: “Everyone + 10″ for cartoon violence and mild language Pros: You get to see the angry “bad cop” side of Sam. You can mess around with different interrogation styles
Cons: interrogating takes a lot of time, not enough things to do at first.
Overall Score: Two thumbs up; 98/100; A; * * * * 1/2 out of five.

Someone stole Max’s brain and Sam is furious and vengeful. He won’t stop until he finds the culprit who stole his best buddy’s cranium.

As Sam, you have to interrogate perps (with the help of his old buddy Detective Flint Paper), and eventually use what you got to get back your buddy’s brain. You also get to play around with some of those ancient toys, too.

Good Dog, Bad Dog


Interrogation is new to this episode. You have to listen to the characters talk and interrupt them at the right time to get the info you need. There are different techniques you can use like intimidation, you can tell them to get to the point, or you can use Noir which basically depresses the perp into telling you what you need to know.

You can also accuse them of lying but in order to do that you need to get evidence. You get evidence by talking to other people and getting the dirt from them. If you just accuse them of lying without evidence then you just look silly.

Interrogation is only the first part of the game however, you also get to explore places and use the ancient toys to solve puzzles. Also you get to see what happens when an ancient mummy comes back from the dead and deal with giant apes and cockroaches.


Explore like an Egyptian

The interrogating was probably one of the harder elements of the game because you don’t always know what you are suppose to get out of the perp. If you talk to someone and, at the end of the conversation, it doesn’t have the talk option to “leave,” then you know you missed something. I spent a lot of time having to go back and ask a bunch of questions over and over till I figured out what I missed. Sometimes you have to go back and talk to other people to trigger the info you need.

When you are done with the interrogating, you get to explore a museum where you find Max’s brain. In this part you have to switch back and forth between Sam who can walk around and explore things, and Max who is just a brain in a jar. Max can talk to people and he can help Sam figure out what he is suppose to do on the other side. You also get the help of an ancient Egyptian princess who sort of takes the place of Max.

There really isn’t much to do in the museum, there are important things to do, but still it seemed to go by pretty quickly. I thought in the other games you had to do a lot more before the game moved on. Basically, unless you are stuck on a puzzle, the first part of the game goes by quickly.

Max is Way Cuter with His Brain Intact


So to clear it all up, don’t anger Sam unless you want to feel his wrath and don’t wake up ancient Egyptian princesses from their eternal slumber unless you want do deal with a huge headache. However, do check out this episode of Sam and Max.

Again, I stress that you should really play the first two episodes of The Devil’s Toybox (see our review of The Devil’s Toy Box Episode 2 – The Tomb of Sammun-Mak) before checking out this game because you may not fully understand most of the plot and you’ll also miss out on some of the jokes.

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