Twisted Pixel’s newest creation is a MMO

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Twisted Pixel Logo Twisted Pixel is best known for its Xbox Live Arcade titles. Starting with The Maw, Twisted Pixel has won the hearts of many gamers. ‘Splosion Man emphasized on speed runs and humor and Comic Jumper will take gamers into themed comic world’s featuring an unlikely pair of superheroes. Things are looking up for this Austin based developer. One of its latest endeavors takes the team into a different territory. Twisted Pixel will be trying its hand at MMO development.

Twisted Pixel is working with Turbine Inc., makers of Lord of the Rings Online, to create a new MMO specifically for consoles. Those are the only details the developer can give at this time. Apparently Twisted Pixel has completed its work on the MMO and its up to Turbine to start revealing it to the public. Whatever it is, we’re curious to see if the MMO will have the trademark humor that has always been Twisted Pixel’s strong suit.

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