Mafia Wars Challenge Mission: South Africa involves fixing soccer matches

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Mafia Wars imageSoccer fans who happen to be playing Mafia Wars, this mission is for you.

If you log into the game this week you’ll see a teaser for a mission sending players to South Africa to fix the *ahem* Global Cup.

Any similarities to any real world soccer events are purely coincidental, kind of. You will have three weeks to fix the big game, with a new mission chapter available each week. Of course, those mission chapters will have exclusive South African rewards.

You will need Counterfeit Ticket items and as is often the case with Mafia Wars missions, your Facebook friends can help out. You will be able to open up seven slots for South Africa crew members by completing chapters. Each chapter you defeat gets you two more helper slots. Each time a new member joins your South African crew, you’ll get some more counterfeit tickets to assist in rigging the big game.

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