Happy Fourth of July from Gamertell

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Fourth of July We at Gamertell hope you have, or are currently having a fantastic Fourth of July weekend. On this day we give thanks to the countless men and women who fought and died to give us the freedom to operate websites such as this. No matter what part of the country you hail from, do us a favor and have that extra burger on us.

In the spirit of things, let’s not forget the amazingly bad videogame adaptation of the film Independence Day on PSOne. The movie starring Will Smith was enjoyable for what it was, but I will never forget taking out the alien ship’s primary weapon with machine gun fire. This is a testament to how far we have come from those humble beginnings to where we are now – complaining about anything that doesn’t have multiplayer.

Anyway enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. We will be back in full force after we’ve awaken for our food comas.

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