Get an artbook when you preorder Etrian Odyssey III

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Etrian Odyssey III The Drowned City preorder Forests of Eternity artbookGood news for Atlus fans! You can get something free with your copy of the forthcoming DS game Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City. The thing is, you’ll have to preorder to get the freebie. It’s worth it though, since you get a 60 page artbook called Etrian Odyssey: Forests of Eternity. The artbook not only features artwork and designs from Etrian Odyssey III, but also from Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey II.

The Atlus Faithful email that announced the preorder incentive even lists a few of the retailers which should be participating in the Etrian Odyssey III preorder deal. While you will still want to double check first, Amazon, GameStop, Walmart,,, VGP and HMV should all offer the Etrian Odyssey: Forests of Eternity artbook when you preorder the game.

You’ll still have to wait a bit for both the artbook and game. Etrian Odyssey III doesn’t make its debut until September 21, 2010. It’ll cost $29.99 once its released.

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