US and Europe get God Eater Burst, better version of God Eater

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God Eater PSP

North America and Europe aren’t going to be getting the normal version of God Eater for their PSPs anymore. No, thanks to the Japanese announcement of the improved God Eater Burst, D3 Publisher has announced it will be releasing that version of the game outside of Japan in 2011.

God Eater Burst isn’t too different from the original God Eater, really. The graphics are a bit better, there are more equipment options and enemies to face, a Burst Mode that can be used in battle and the number of available missions supposedly doubles. Think of it as God Eater version 1.1. It’s the same game, but there are a few little extras that make it a smidge better.

God Eater Burst is going to be released as a separate game in Japan, so Americans and Europeans are lucky! We won’t get stuck with two versions of the same game – one good and one better. It hasn’t been released yet in Japan, but it has been announced. The only downside about this news is that it means we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the US and European releases due to them being based on the better version of God Eater.

God Eater is a Monster Hunter style game, where players create a custom character, accept quests and then head out, alone or with friends, to take down gigantic, monstrous foes. Except in God Eater they call the monsters Aragami. Rach character, called a God Eater, is equipped with a weapon called a God Arc which can transform into lots of other weapons. So you don’t have to carry and equip one or two weapons, like in Monster Hunter. Also, God Eater takes place in a post-apocolyptic present, where Monster Hunter seems to take place in some kind of rural village in the past.

Unfortunately, just like the Monster Hunter PSP games, it doesn’t support online multiplayer out of the box. You get ad-hoc multiplayer for cooperative battling. If you own a PS3 and PSP though, you can use the adhoc Party feature on the PS3 to play God Eater and God Eater Burst online with friends.

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