Go download your free copy of The Silver Lining: Episode 1

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The Silver Lining King's QuestWe’ve been keeping track of the latest The Silver Lining news here at Gamertell, and it’s time for another milestone for the fan-created King’s Quest project. “What is Decreed Must Be” is now available. That’s the name of the first episode of The Silver Lining, and if you have a Windows PC, you can get it and play it.

There’s just one little thing you have to do first – join the Phoenix Online Fan Club. After visiting The Silver Lining download page and clicking the download link, you’re wisked to a log-in page for the Phoenix Online Studios fan club. Don’t worry, as registering is free. Also, if you’re already a member of the site’s forums, you can just log in with your forum account. Once that’s done, you can download the game.

The Silver Lining “What is Decreed Must Be” starts off the royal Daventry family’s latest saga. King Graham’s son and daughter Alexander and Rosella have been cursed, and he must go around the Green Isles and find a way to save them. This means he must step out of his kingly role and become an adventurer. Perhaps the man in the black cloak is responsible for everything. You have to play to find out.

Take your time playing “What is Decreed Must Be.” The release schedule for the next four episodes hasn’t been announced yet!

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