Modnation Racers relaxes with casual Career mode

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Modnation Racers PS3

Modnation Racers is going to get a little bit easier. The PlayStation.Blog Modnation update this week did the usual – showed off some custom creations. It also revealed what’s going on with the patch United Front Games is preparing for the PS3 version of ModNation Racers. A new difficulty level is being added in for beginners.

The casual difficulty level is the first of many improvements that will be added to Modnation Racers with the new patch. It applies to the Career mode in the game, and makes it easier to successfully complete. Apparently, the other racers become more docile if you decide to pursue a casual career.

Aside from the casual difficulty revelation, no other news about the patch was revealed. So we don’t know what else it will do, how big it will be or when it will be available.

It seems like a good idea. I’m sure the more ardent fans of Modnation Racers had no difficulty playing and completing the Career mode, but perhaps the casual difficulty level will entice novice gamers and convince them to try playing Modnation Racers solo.

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