Try R.U.S.E. for free this weekend on Steam

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We’ve been hearing about R.U.S.E. for quite some time now. This real time strategy game from Ubisoft caused a splash in 2009 when it was shown being played on a giant Microsoft touch screen table. Though that is still possible if you have thousands of dollars to spend, normal people can try the game out for free this weekend on Steam.

Only PC users will be privy to this offer. You don’t even have to wait until Thursday (July 15, 2010) to start downloading either. Interested persons can pre-load R.U.S.E. right now from Steam. Make sure you have the Steam client installed on your computer first.

Once the preview starts, players will be able to try out the multiplayer mode in R.U.S.E. There will be six factions to play as in either team based or free for all modes. Teams can be comprised of up to 8 players at a time. If playing with people isn’t your thing, you can play against the A.I. on either medium or hard difficulties. This is a good way to learn the tactics of each faction before facing off against a breathing strategist.

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