Atari’s Haunted House reopens after 30 years

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Haunted House Atari

You’ll be able to prove you aren’t afraid of any ghosts in Fall 2010, with Atari’s Haunted House. The 1981 Atari 2600 game is being remade, reimagined and adapted for the Wii, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. And just in time for the 30th anniversary of the game.

In the original Haunted House, the player was represented by a pair of glowing eyes and had to investigate the haunted home of the deceased Mr. Graves. Why? Well, the house is supposedly haunted! That should be enough to motivate someone to break in and check it out. There were three floors and a basement to explore, creepy critters and Mr. Grave’s ghost also roaming around as well. You had to light matches to find items and try to successfully navigate the home.

The new Haunted House is different. You play as one of the grandchildren of the character who disappeared 30 years before in that same haunted home. You have to help protect your family by finding pieces of an earn so you can put it back together. This time around, the mansion is displayed in 3D and the house got a lot bigger. (There are towers and catacombs now!)

No word on pricing yet. Since it’s going to be a downloadable game, I’d guess it’ll be $15 or less.

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