PlayStation minis sell 1 million games

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PlayStation Minis The PlayStation 3 is an interesting console. It provides products such as PlayStation Home and PlayStation minis that no one seems to like, but they somehow turn out to be successful. Sony said it has made money on every item PlayStation Home has ever offered. Today it celebrates selling over 1 million PlayStation mini titles.

PlayStation minis debuted in October 2009. Since then the number of available titles have grown to over 85 titles. Most of the games have gone under the radar, but they fulfill their purpose as being small titles designed to get more time out of the PSP. Some games can also be played on the PS3. Sony also released a list of the most popular PlayStation Minis games to date. It’s no surprise the number one game has something to do with zombies.

  1. Age of Zombies
  2. Monopoly
  3. Fieldrunners
  4. Zombie Tycoon
  5. Bloons
  6. Spot The Differences!
  7. Pinball Fantasies
  8. Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
  9. Yetisports Pengu Throw
  10. Breakquest

PlayStation Minis currently has the support of over 50 developers such as Gameloft and EA Mobile.

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