Double Fine has four new games in production

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Double Fine Productions Fresh off his apologetic remarks to Activision’s CEO, Tim Schafer revealed his studio is currently working on four new games. Before now, Double Fine has only worked on one game at a time. It’s most recent release, Brutal Legend, didn’t get the reviews or sales numbers the studio wanted. As a result, an unnamed publisher told Double Fine it did not want a sequel to Brutal Legend. This caused the team to come up with ideas in a short period of time. Fortunately it paid off.

Double Fine was already working on a number of ideas for future games. It took four of its best ideas and showed them to publishers. They proved to be a hit and all four of the games ended up being signed. It’s unclear whether the games will be published by a single entity or if they will be spread out.

Double Fine’s new titles will be split between downloadable and full retail releases. Details are scarce at the moment, but we do know the games will encompass different genres. We can expect at least one of the games to be released this year.

Schafer explained why he thought working on smaller games is beneficial to his company at the Develop conference in Brighton.

“We’ve seen the benefits of it right away. The advantages of doing small budgets means there’s less compromise. Publishers are not as afraid of doing something unusual with smaller budgets, of $2 million or less. They’re less likely to grab your IP rights if you’re only asking for a small amount of money.”

Perhaps by choosing this new route, Double Fine won’t have to worry about bitter publishers filing lawsuits like Activision did last year.

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