Video: A Tour of Destination Arcade

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Microsoft launched Destination Arcade for the start of the Summer of Arcade. Destination Arcade is an application that provides and alternative way to find games on XBLA. We’ve put together a video showing off some of what Destination Arcade has to offer.

In this video I mostly go over the biggest attribute to Destination Arcade. The refined search system replaces the blades that you find on the Xbox Live Games Marketplace, and replace them with cover art for each game. The amount of depth Destination Arcade provides is astounding. In the video I show you how you’re able to search for games based on name, rating and multiplayer functionality. In the entire demonstration, I only looked for games starting with the letter “S”.

Destination Arcade is only available until August 18, 2010. It’s unclear if Microsoft will bring the application back after that date. Best to download it now before it skips your mind. You can look at our demonstration video

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