San Diego Comic Con 2010: THQ shows Marvel Super Hero Squad sequel

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Marvel Super Hero Squad Infinity GauntletThe Marvel Super Hero Squad are young, super cute versions of our favorite Marvel characters. THQ locked up that license and released a Wii-exclusive title in 2009. At San Diego Comic-Con THQ unveiled a sequel, Marvel Super Hero Squad:The Infinity Gauntlet. That’s one of Marvel’s most famous storylines and formed the backbone of the classic Marvel Super Heroes arcade game.

In the original Infinity Gauntlet Thanos was the villain, but THQ’s game will feature Doctor Doom and the Lethal Legion. They serve as the villains in the Super Hero Squad show on Cartoon Network, and this storyline was used in the TV program. THQ said the new game will feature puzzle elements and has heavy elements of cooperative play. And storyline sticklers, Thanos does appear in the box art for the game so it looks like he will factor into things prominently.

While the first title was only on the Wii, the Infinity Gauntlet game will appear on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DSI and DS. THQ hasn’t announced a release date yet.

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