Download Alan Wake’s The Signal DLC for free

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Alan Wake

Alan Wake‘s first downloadable content add-on episode, The Signal is now ready to be downloaded. Good news all around, since by now you may have beaten the main game and are ready for a new hour to hour and a half long adventure to guide Alan through. I mean, it did come out all the way back in May, 2010. Even better news is, it’s free for some people.

If you bought Alan Wake used, you aren’t going to be able to download The Signal for free. As USA Today points out, you’ll have to pay 560 Microsoft Points ($7). But if you did get it new, and remembered to keep the token that came with your game, it’s free and only a 48mb download.

The description for The Signal on the Xbox Live Marketplace site isn’t terribly enlightening. Alan’s once again in a dangerous situation and has to follow a Signal to survive and learn what’s going on. Spooky.

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  • hasan


  • silentfire

    Alan wake was a very unique game it felt like. but you shouldn't say that you cannot get the add-on for free. There are many ways to get stuff for free nowadays. two sites <a href = "here">here</a&#62; and <a href="here">here</a&#62; i visit regularly to get in on promotions and other stuff for free game related stuff. and no it's not any of those usb mods or sharecash downloads we all hate either >.>

  • silentfire

    sorry the second link glitched.. its (obviously focused around black ops)

  • dubdi


  • dubdi

    why I have to pay 7 dollars for only a 48 mb add-on ???