Gamertell Unboxing: Retron3 three-in-one game system (with photos)

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retron3 game console snes nes genesis box photo

If you are an olde school gamers or simply a collector of classic games, then you’ll appreciate Hyperkin’s Retron3 game system.

This three-in-one system allows you to plop in your Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and Sega Genesis cartridges in the same game system and play away.

But before I get to the system’s utility, here’s a photo gallery of the Retron3 game system out of the box , showing off the console, two wireless controllers (with a little cheat sheet on the back so you know which button is which), all the cables and all the ports.

Come back to Gamertell soon for a full review of the RetroN3.

Photo Gallery [Retron3 Photos @ Gamertell] Product Page [Retron3]

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