Here’s why Sucker Punch changed Cole’s voice actor for inFamous 2

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inFamous 2 evil cole

inFamous was a surprise hit for Sony and Sucker Punch. It sold so well, Sucker Punch decided it was worthy of a sequel. Everyone was shocked (no pun intended) when new Cole was revealed as a younger, more hip character. Not only did Cole’s character model change, but so did Cole’s voice actor. So why did Sucker Punch virtually start from scratch with a character most people seemed to love? The inFamous team answered this question during a panel at Comic-Con.

Basically there were two reasons why Cole’s voice actor was replaced. Sucker Punch wasn’t too wild about Cole’s gravely voice. Sucker Punch compared it to Christian Bale’s Batman and someone with throat cancer. The second reason dealt with the technology it’s implementing in inFamous 2. Sucker Punch is using motion capture technology that requires the actor to wear the mocap suit while recording dialogue.

Cole narrates an inFamous 2 video showing off the motion comic style cutscenes. He still maintains a rough voice, but it’s not as profound as Cole’s previous voice actor.

Sucker Punch answered a few other questions regarding inFamous 2 in a video on the PlayStation Blog. inFamous 2 is due out in 2011.

Via [PlayStation Blog]

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  • No Name

    I hate the new voice and the new personality, Cole laughing at the word penal code? All you been through and you have the maturity of a freakin' twelve year old?! The game is great but that voice…

  • James

    I just recently played through the games again, and yeah, I love Coles voice in the first game, but the second game his voice is so annoying and I can’t stand it.

  • CrypticAve

    I preferred Cole’s voice in the first game. It’s not that I don’t like the voice they used in the second game, Its the fact that, why change it when you already had a first game and a voice that was established already? I feel like it adds a set back to how the fans feel about the game just based on the characters voice.