PS3 update contained network wide notifications

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PSN notfications

PS3 firmware 3.41 is just full of surprises. Sony said the update only implemented a recommendation feature in the PlayStation Store. Instead the update negated hard drives, contained a secret patch that makes firmware downloads faster and open the doors to a mass PSN messaging system. Why doesn’t Sony just come out and tell us these things?

PlayStation Lifestyle got a hold of the picture above that tells PSN users the demo to Earthworm Jim HD is fixed. Apparently you couldn’t purchase the full game from within the demo. PSN is known for producing some chain messages that amount to nothing, but this message appears to be legitimate. The sender goes by the handle PSN and the bottom link directs you to the PlayStation Store. Either some hacker is breached the PlayStation Network, or Sony has decided on a new way to alert users of certain updates. PlayStation Lifestyle is reporting the notifications have been happening on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store for quite some time. Perhaps it’s just new to North America.

We wonder what’s the next nugget of secrecy Sony has slipped into the 3.41 update.

Via [PlayStation Lifestyle] Read [Destructoid]

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