Free headphones with GameStop Super Scribblenauts pre-order

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Super Scribblenauts headphonesThe adjective-and-noun-laden Super Scribblenauts is due for release on October 12, 2010. Shock of shocks, GameStop is offering some incentives if you pre-order the game. How does a pair of Maxwell’s headphones sound to you?

The headphones are covered with a soft, plush-looking material, emblazoned with the Super Scribblenauts logo on one side. They come in three colors: gray, camouflage, and polka-dot. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the color you want.

I preferred the GameStop pre-order gift of the first Scribblenauts, which was Maxwell’s signature rooster hat. If I had one of those rooster hats, I would have totally rocked them at a con.

So far, it seems that we’ve been getting pieces of Maxwell’s wardrobe with each GameStop pre-order. First his rooster hat, and now his headphones. What’s next? Should we expect a version of Maxwell’s starite t-shirt to come with pre-orders of Scribblenauts 3? If so, then color me excited!

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