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VGVN Video Game Voters Network logoIf you are gamer and a bit creative, an artist or just enjoy scribbling things on paper, then this contest is for you.

The Video Game Voters Network (VGVN) is having a badge design contest where the winning badge will be used to spread the word about the voters movement and the winner gets a hefty gift card.

According to the rules, the design must be original, it must incorporate the name “Video Game Voters Network,” the acronym “VGVN”, and/or the website address “” and you can enter as many designs as you want.

There will be two selection rounds. For the first, a panel of judges will select the best 10 badges out of all the entries. Finalists and potential winners will be notified by telephone, email or mail within seven days of being selected. The second round will be open to the public and the badge with the highest numbers of votes wins the grand prize and the second highest receives the runner up prize.

The winner will get a $750 Best Buy gift card, and the runner up will receive a $250 card. Also the winning design will appear on and websites, blogs, and social networking profiles all over the internet. And (according to VGVN) it’ll send a clear message that gamers nationwide won’t sit back while loudmouths in politics and the media unfairly bash video games.

The deadline for this contest is the August 23, 2010, so get those submissions in.

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