Castle Crashers finally coming to PSN August 31, 2010

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Castle Crashers PSN It has been a long time coming, but The Behemoth has finally locked down a release date for Castle Crashers on the PlayStation Network. Gamers in the United States, Mexico and Canada can start castle crashing on August 31, 2010.

Castle Crashers for PS3 was announced over one year ago at Comic-Con. Since then the game has been going through the development process including spending months in the certification process with Sony. The PSN version of Castle Crashers won’t be an identical port from its XBLA counterpart. A new volleyball mode is being added in addition to team arena matches and Trophy support.

Once you’ve beaten the game, a new Insane mode will become unlocked. Besides being incredibly difficult, Insane mode will include a brand new store that features new items that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

The Behemoth anticipates a price of $14.99 for Castle Crashers. The game will also include a feature that lets you include your own in-game music. If you haven’t played Castle Crashers yet, a demo will be provided as well.

Following the release of Castle Crashers, The Behemoth will be going to PAX for a couple days. While there The Behemoth will debut a four-player arcade cabinet for fans to play Castle Crashers on.

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