Cole is back to his old self

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inFamous 2 new old Cole

The picture above is not a screenshot from the original inFamous. It’s actually from inFamous 2. Sucker Punch has scrapped Cole’s hipster look in favor of the original design gamers came to love. As far as we know, Cole still has a different voice actor, but at least he won’t be as unrecognizable as before.

Sucker Punch changed Cole back due to numerous requests from fans after E3. They simply did not like the thought of Cole becoming somewhat of a Nathan Drake in inFamous 2. Sucker Punch really had no idea how much fans liked Cole’s original appearance. We suppose under that rough exterior lies the type of reluctant everyman hero everyone wants to cheer for. However not everything about Cole is the same.

Cole’s clothing was altered to reflect the new enviornment he is in. inFamous took place in Empire City which was sort of inspired by New York City. inFamous 2 is set in New Marias, place that mirrors New Orleans. It’s warmer and more humid there. Cole needed to be dressed down. He ditched the long sleeve jacket in favor a fitted t-shirt. The shirt is still colored yellow and black to add another element of familiarity to Cole’s character.

This may not be exactly what Cole will look like in the final build of inFamous 2 because the game won’t be released until 2011. We can rest easy now knowing Sucker Punch and gamers are happy with Cole.

Via [Game Informer] Read [PlayStation Lifestyle]

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