FIFA Superstars error may reveal Madden Facebook game currently in development

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John Madden on FacebookIn February 2010, EA Sports President Peter Moore announced Madden NFL would be coming to Facebook.

He didn’t give an exact release date but a glitch in EA’s popular FIFA Superstars soccer game shows Madden Superstars may be available rather soon.

A staff member at Bitmob tried to play FIFA Superstars on Facebook and got an error message saying Madden Superstars was currently down for maintenance. If it’s in any form of beta testing, Madden Superstars could be ready for the start of the 2010 NFL season.

If EA wants to use the NFL season to promote the launch of a Facebook game, it’s even more important to get it ready for this season. The NFL is still dealing with labor issues and 2011 season is still under the threat of lockout.

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