Portal 2 may have cross PS3/PC play through Steam

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Portal logo When Portal 2 was announced for the PS3 at E3, Valve mentioned it would be the superior version on consoles. Valve came to that conclusion because Sony allowed it to include Steamworks onto the console. Steamworks is a content delivery system that lets Valve directly update games. Through Steam, Valve can add new game types, maps and user-created content into games at little to no cost. Portal 2 will be the first console game that uses Steam and Valve is hoping to integrate as much about Steam it can into the console.

On the latest episode of Gametrailers TV, Portal 2’s project manager Erik Johnson shared some details on what Steam will be like on the PS3. Johnson said Valve would like to allow PC and PS3 players to play Portal 2 together. This feat will most likely be done through Steam, but nothing has been confirmed. This functionality can work particularly well in Portal 2‘s cooperative campaign. As for Steam itself, Johnson said Steam will be used to update Portal 2 and allow players to view their friends using the service.

Valve is working out all the details about Steam on the PS3. Chances are we won’t see Steam in its entirety on the console, but Valve’s titles will be supported through Steam on PS3.

Via [Gametrailers TV]

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